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Pocket-slip rotational liner hanger

Hang and rotate long and heavy liners while supporting your casing

The PSHR pocket-slip rotational liner hanger, part of the COLOSSUS CMT cemented liner hanger system, maximizes hanging capacity while optimizing pressure integrity at the liner top. Designed to hang heavy liners in wells where rotation is required to navigate around obstructions, the hanger minimizes stresses in the supporting casing and eliminates cone collapse.

Its large fluid bypass area also improves hole cleaning while reducing circulation and trip time. 

Reduce stresses on your casing

The tongue-and-groove slip design minimizes running interference and reduces the potential of casing deformation after the hanger is set. The slips also feature an effective cone angle two times greater than those found on conventional hangers, thereby reducing burst pressure exerted on casing and allowing for longer and heavier liners to be hung in multistring or uncemented casing. Drive slots in the liner top permit rotation when running in the hole to navigate around obstructions.

With the pocket-slip hanger system, the PSHR hanger is positioned above the optional FSP Frontier liner top packer and tieback receptacle, which eliminates differential pressure at the liner hanger, reduces equivalent circulating density, and increases hanging capacity. It also eliminates concerns about close tieback sleeve tolerances.

PSHR Pocket-Slip Rotational Liner Hanger
PSHR pocket-slip rotational liner hanger.
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