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OptiPac service mechanical packer

Rated up to 5,000 psi [34.5 MPa]
Rated to 325 degF [163 degC]

Optimize multizone openhole gravel packs by eliminating swell packers

In complex reservoirs, multizone completions can improve efficiency and recovery. Alternate Path screens and shunted swell packers have traditionally provided a solution for multizone openhole gravel packing, but the packer swelling process takes several hours—even days—thereby increasing opex while the rig waits. Pumping gravel before swelling is complete can cause the gravel to enter the packer element–wellbore annulus, preventing an effective seal. The OSMP OptiPac service mechanical packer addresses all these concerns.

Avoid waiting on packer setting

Completion fluids are displaced, and the mechanically activated OSMP packer is hydrostatically set in a matter of seconds as the setting tool moves through it. Gravel packing can begin immediately without affecting the seal, saving a significant amount of rig time.

OSMP OptiPac Service Mechanical Packer

Save additional rig time and completion costs

The packer is equipped with field-proven Alternate Path shunt tubes; once the uppermost zone is packed, gravel is diverted through the shunt tubes to the next zone. Additional time and cost savings can be achieved by using these packers with shunted blanks to bypass nonproducing zones and only gravel packing above and below.

Achieve reliable zonal isolation

The OSMP packer can be fitted with a shunt tube isolation valve, which is closed once gravel packing is complete, preventing any unwanted communication between zones. If water breaks through a producing zone, a seal assembly can be run inside the screen completion to create a secondary isolation. This allows unrestricted flow from other zones without production from the water zone.

The OSMP packer is expanding the operating envelope for multizone openhole gravel packing, enabling wellbore profiles and completion designs that were previously unattainable.

OSMP OptiPac Service Mechanical Packer
OptiPac service mechanical packer
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