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Retrievable hydraulic-set sealbore production packer

Rated up to 5,000 psi [34.5 MPa]
Rated to 325 degF [163 degC]
Validated to ISO 14310 and API Spec 11D1 V3

Simplify single-trip gravel-pack completions 

Designed for deviated wells with single-trip gravel-pack completions, the QUANTUM HS retrievable hydraulic-set sealbore production packer is set with tubing pressure and released from a specially designed seal assembly with annular pressure.

The top connection and internal profile are identical to the QUANTUM gravel-pack packer, making them compatible with the same accessories accessories. QUANTUM HS packers may be run and set with the hydraulic-release anchor seal assembly or the QUANTUM packer anchor seal assembly.

QUANTUM HS retrievable hydraulic-set sealbore production packer

Isolate well segments with confidence

The hydraulic-releasing anchor is a seal assembly equipped with an external hydraulic release and does not require rotational operations. A QUANTUM packer retrieving tool is used to retrieve the packer.

Additional features

  • Interlocked packer and hydraulic locator
  • One-piece, bidirectional slips and standard packing elements and seals
  • Can be milled as a contingency with conventional tools
  • Compliance with NACE Standard MR0175 for sulfide stress cracking-resistant metallic materials
QUANTUM HS retrievable hydraulic-set sealbore production packer
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