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Expendable strip gun system

Enerjet gun system is a high-performance, exposed capsule gun suitable for through-tubing perforating. When fired, charge cases shatter, leaving strip, charge caps, head, and other accessories intact for retrieval.


  • Enables retrieval of the rugged strip after the charges have detonated.
  • Provides individual shot verification as caps are retained.
  • Includes articulated head for easy rig-up.
  • Includes new capsule charge with a higher pressure rating and less debris than previous versions. 
  • Is available in a continuous spiral phasing.

Enerjet gun systems and accessories have been PEGS verified for operation in liquid or gas at 20,000 psi and 365 degF for 1 hour. A PowerJet charge is also available for this gun.

The PEGS program was created by twelve major oil companies: AGIP, Arco, BP, Chevron, Conoco, Elf, Exxon, Mobil, Pogo, Shell, Texaco and Unocal. These companies specified the standards and procedures for verifying that all equipment used in a perforating system will perform to rated temperature, pressure and time on an ongoing basis.

1 11/16-in. Retrievable Enerjet Guns
1 11/16-in retrievable Enerjet strip gun systems and shot patterns in 4 1/2-in casing.
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