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WellWatcher Contact

Multistage stimulation assurance system

Distributed measurements.
Distributed measurements.

Acquire DAS, DTS, and optional pressure data to enable improved multistage stimulation

The WellWatcher Contact system uses permanently installed multifiber cable on the casing to acquire DAS, DTS, and optional pressure data during multistage stimulation operations to confirm that the stages, clusters, and perforations are responding as expected. This real-time data enables operators to adjust the treatment as it is being run, reduce costs, and fine-tune planning for adjacent wells. The resulting understanding of the downhole response supports increasing production per well, optimizing drainage to reduce the overall well count, and identifying connectivity between fractures or stages.

Improve proppant placement assurance with DAS

The DAS acquisition server captures the sound of the proppant as it exits the perforations within each stage, enabling operators to determine if a perforation hasn’t opened, the proppant has bridged a perforation, or the proppant has stopped entering the perforation. The DAS data also confirms the landing and sealing of any balls pumped as part of a plug-and-perf operation and complements the temperature data measured by the DTS system, which effectively measures fluid movement to identify which zones and section of the wellbore have taken liquid as part of the stimulation.

Schlumberger Worker in Manufacturing Facility
200 wells
Deployed with WellWatcher Contact system
10 km
DAS vibrations monitored
15 years
DTS and DAS deployment experience
Schlumberger Worker Reviewing Distributed Measurement Systems Data

Monitor reservoir changes and plug integrity using DTS

The DTS component monitors fluid exit to measure the resulting temperature change data. Using this data, the WellWatcher Contact system detects when a fracture has closed and pinpoints where a plug is leaking. After the stimulation is complete, the solar-powered DTS system can remain on the well for long-term production monitoring, wirelessly transmitting data to any location the operator specifies.

Access all data remotely

The WellWatcher Contact system transmits the data to cloud-based servers using its wellsite data transmission system and InterACT global connectivity, collaboration, and information service. All information is available for viewing and analysis with Schlumberger software. This integration seamlessly provides operators with information on the effectiveness of the fracture stage architecture, including which fractures are producing.

Avoid cable damage while perforating

To prevent perforating operations from damaging the multifiber cable used by the WellWatcher Contact system, we employ the guns’ external magnetic mass to orient them. This Schlumberger-held patent has led to a >99% cable survival rate in more than 600 stages over the past three years. The perforating platform can even transmit the angle of eccentricity in real time to confirm that the weight is on the low side before the guns are fired.

Perforating as part of the BroadBand Precision integrated completion service