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WellWatcher eQuartz

ESP-immune high-temperature, high-resolution PT gauge

Rated to 25,000 psi [172 MPa]
Rated up to 392 degF [200 degC]

Improve downhole pressure and temperature measurement accuracy in ESP-lifted wells

Acquire stable pressure measurements and extend monitoring lifetime in wells with ESPs by installing WellWatcher eQuartz gauges. The advanced telemetry of the gauges makes them immune to external electrical noise, such as the noise from ESP power lines or motor drives.

Used to gather data for production analysis and pressure transient analysis, these gauges feature flexible multidrop functionality that enables installation of up to 16 sensors on a single cable. 

Downhole gauge acquisition hardware and software

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WellWatcher eQuartz ESP-immune high-temperature, high-resolution PT gauge

Optimize monitoring performance with integration

The WellWatcher eQuartz gauges are part of the family of WellWatcher permanent monitoring systems. When used with WellWatcher Advisor real-time intelligent completion software, they become part of a monitoring solution that includes downhole data surveillance, data analysis, and reservoir interpretation. 

For extra reliability, these gauges are equipped with the Intellitite downhole dual-seal dry-mate connector and hermetically sealed to ensure a long, reliable lifetime. 

Applications include long-term production and reservoir monitoring, injection monitoring, pressure buildup surveys, transient well testing, artificial lift system optimization, and hydraulic fracturing monitoring. 

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