TRC-II-20 HPHT Deepwater Safety Valve | Schlumberger


HPHT tubing-retrievable, charged safety valve

Rated to 20,000 psi [137 MPa]
Rated up to 400 degF [204 degC]
Validated to API Spec 14A V1 and V1-H

Maximize safety valve performance in extreme and deepwater environments

The TRC-II-20 HPHT tubing-retrievable, charged safety valve is designed to perform reliably in environments and depths where other subsurface safety valve (SSV) technologies are ineffective. Because these valves can be installed at depths greater than 15, 000 ft [4,661 m], they can be positioned below the hydrate, asphaltene, or paraffin deposit regions of your wellbore to ensure operating efficiency.

Eliminate high-pressure hydraulic systems

Incorporating the best Schlumberger technologies, the TRC-II-20 valve features rod-piston hydraulic actuators that are insensitive to production tubing pressure, thereby eliminating the need for high-pressure hydraulic systems. Each of the valve's pistons incorporates a minimum number of critical, dynamic, and static seals, a 5-micron control fluid filter, and a gas-powered spring to offset the hydrostatic control line and annulus pressure. 

Reduce risks with redundancy

These valves include complete operating redundancy, with two separate and completely independent hydraulic operating systems connected by individual control lines. Either piston can fully operate the valve at hydraulic pressures substantially lower than those required by conventional valve designs. These features make this valve exceptionally reliable for deepset and low-operating-pressure applications.

 TRC-II Tubing-Retrievable Charged Safety Valve
 TRC-II Tubing-Retrievable Charged Safety Valve
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