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RHH Series Hydraulic Communication Nipples

High-pressure, all-metal seal, shiftable nipples

Rated up to 17,500 psi [121 MPa]
Rated to 300 degF [149 degC]

Enable hydraulic communication for secondary safety valve installations

RHH series hydraulic communication nipples are used with tubing-retrievable, surface-controlled subsurface safety valves. They allow the installation of a secondary slickline-retrievable safety valve in the event that the tubing-retrievable safety valve becomes inoperable.

These nipples are compact and simple with metal-to-metal seals, integral control line connections, and designs suitable for use with standard or heavyweight production tubing. They are compatible with any tubing-retrievable safety valve without an integral secondary feature or as an additional backup system. 

These nipples also include a plug isolation system to block communication to the tubing safety valve without using a long secondary safety valve.

Configure nipples to suit your application

Communication nipples are available in several configurations. One design uses a single control line, and another uses dual control lines, with the first line connecting to the nipple and the second to the safety valve. This system reduce the number of connections—and thus the number of potential leak paths—in the active operating control line.

The modular design also enables a variety of material and design options, including many sizes, pressure ratings, and unique operational features.

RHH Series Hydraulic Communication Nipples
RHH Series Hydraulic Communication Nipples
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