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Conventional, tubing-retrievable, surface-controlled safety valve

Safety Valves
Safety Valves
Rated to 5,000 psi [34.5 MPa]
Rated to 300 degF [149 degC]

Manage costs with a self-equalizing flapper-type valve for conventional wells

Engineered for long-term performance with minimal leak paths, the self-equalizing Reliance conventional, tubing-retrievable surface-controlled safety valve (SSV) is a cost-effective option for sweet to moderately corrosive wells and setting depths to 1,500 ft [457 m].

Maximize reliability with metal-to-metal sealing and qualifications beyond industry standards 

Reliance valves are operated by a single rod piston with a premium sealing system. The premium flapper mechanism in the Reliance valve has full metal-to-metal sealing and a secondary soft seat, and it meets a leakage-acceptance criterion that is substantially more stringent than API and ISO specifications.

To further increase reliability, there are only two body joints, which feature a proprietary thread design. Designed with a flapper lock-open system and an all-metal communication system for secondary valve installation, the Reliance safety valve includes a tested and proven inverted dual-ferrule control line connection for maximum reliability.

These versatile safety valves are available in a range of sizes, nipple profiles, and tubing connections.

Reliance Conventional, Tubing-Retrievable, Surface-Controlled Safety Valve