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TRM-4P-DS and -4HP-DS Series

Deepset premium tubing-retrievable, surface-controlled safety valves

Rated up to 10,000 psi [69 MPa]
Rated to 300 degF [149 degC]
Setting depths exceeding 7,500 ft [2,286 m]

Rely on premium rod pistons for maximum reliability in deepset applications

TRM-4P-DS and -4HP-DS series deepset tubing-retrievable, surface-controlled subsurface safety valves (SCSSVs) feature premium rod pistons that protect the hydraulic piston bore and minimize side loading to increase reliability in critical applications. The valves also have metal-to-metal body joints, a rugged flapper-closure mechanism, and a minimum number of critical seals. This combination maximizes reliability in general service applications in sweet to moderately corrosive environments.

A modular design enables flexibility in material and engineering options, including a wide range of nipple profiles.

Improve spring and rod performance and reliability in deep applications

These deepset safety valves improve reliability by reducing the torsional loading normally found in deepset valve power springs. With a specially designed flow tube, the valves minimize side loading of the operating piston, and counter-wound power springs prevent torsional loading from being transmitted to the flow tube.

The premium rod piston system in these valves uses a reliable, spring-energized filled Teflon sealing element. Operating within the valve's chamber housing, the system comprises a stepped OD; a compliant down-stop of polyetheretherketone polymer; a static, full-closed metal-to-metal seal; and an integrated piston centralizer. 

For maximum reliability, all TRM-4 and -4H valves have only two body joints and use proprietary threads to achieve a solid, metal-to-metal seal. The premium flapper mechanism also has full metal-to-metal sealing plus a secondary soft seat, and it meets a leakage-acceptance criterion that is substantially more stringent than API and ISO specifications. We can also customize a safety valve to meet your requirements.

A unique lockout mechanism enables a simple slickline procedure to permanently lock the valve open and initiate secondary hydraulic communication. A second option enables locking open the valve without activating secondary hydraulic communication.

TRM-4P-DS and -4HP-DS Series Safety Valves
General service, deepset, premium rod piston, metal-seal body joints, flapper valve with working pressures to 10,000 psi
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