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TRTO Series

Injection safety valves

Rated to 7,500 psi [51.7 MPa]
Rated to 300 degF [149 degC]

Manage risks in injection wells without hydraulic control lines

TRTO series injection safety valves are used in sweet to moderately corrosive gas or water injection wells where a hydraulic control system is not available. These full-tubing-bore, spring-operated, rod-piston-actuated injection valves feature a specially designed debris barrier cover that is positioned to fully encompass the annulus pressure port and minimize debris intrusion into the operating piston area. 

Modular design enables flexibility in material and engineering options to suit specific applications.

Maximize reliability with metal-to-metal connections

TRTO valves have only three body joints and use proprietary connections for maximum reliability. The single-rod piston incorporates reliable sealing elements, and the flapper mechanism has full metal-to-metal sealing with a secondary soft seat. 

If needed, the TRTO series valves can be temporarily locked open by installing a hold-open sleeve using standard slickline procedures. 

TRTO Series Injection Safety Valves
TRTO Series Injection Safety Valves
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