Argentina, Bolivia, Chile GeoMarket Region


Schlumberger has operated in Argentina since performing its first job in 1934 at Campamento Central field, in Comodoro Rivadavia. Today, Schlumberger manages its operations from seven locations in Argentina—from operational bases to head offices.   

Schlumberger Argentina S.A.
Juana Manso 999 - Piso 3 
C1107CBS, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Main Telephone: +54 11 5070-0000
Main Fax: +54 11 5070-0141


Schlumberger operations began in Bolivia in 1952 with the Guairuy well in Provincia Cordillera. Initially supported by Argentina, Schlumberger opened its first operational base in the country in 1966.     

Schlumberger Surenco S.A.
Carretera Antigua Cochabamba Km 6.5 
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Main Telephone: +591 3 3717000
Main Fax: +591 3 3717000 


The first oil well in Chile, Manantiales S-1, was logged by Schlumberger in 1945. Today, Schlumberger has two operational bases and two offices in Chile.      

Mediciones Geolec de Chile Ltda
Croacia 135
Punta Arenas, Chile
Main Telephone: +56 61 226000
Main Fax: +56 61 226000

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Unconventinoal Resources
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COLOSSUS CMT Liner Hanger System Is Set Successfully at 18,000 ft in Highly Deviated Well
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