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Autonomous Directional Drilling
The future of how you drill wells—now

This tool drills wells

Autonomous Directional Drilling

This tool drills wells, but this isn’t a tool—it’s really a key to a gateway created by the people who write the code that drives the hardware that drills the well—autonomously. It connects thousands of engineers around the world by streaming live, real-time data through a robust and secure network linked by satellites orbiting the planet. Autonomous directional drilling unites all the technology, backed by all the engineering and domain expertise that Schlumberger has amassed for a century. And that is what enables the tool that drills the well.

Performance is key

This tool drills wells—regardless of the field, rig, or trajectory, in the most efficient and consistent manner possible. And it does it by focusing on Intelligent planning and execution capabilities, along with surface automation that would complement the powerful suite of downhole automation features that our steering tools have.

Autonomous directional drilling stays right on your trajectory plan because this tool measures the exact strength of the earth’s gravitational and magnetic fields every second and uses 3D reservoir mapping in real time to helps pinpoint its exact subsurface location, and determine the precise steering responses needed. This enables real-time reservoir characterization, which not only keeps you on track but gets you to the sweet spot in the pay zone.

Infographic with 6 rigs in a row showing the dregrees of autonomy
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Sustainability rules

This tool drills wells while reducing carbon footprints because autonomous directional drilling eliminates the need for engineers to travel to wellsites. Using Performance Live digitally connected service, domain experts can access data from anywhere at any time—the workplace, the home, or wherever they can log onto our robust network. By reducing personnel on the rig site, associated travel (even travel to a workplace), HSE risks, and environmental impact diminish equally—without inhibiting performance.

In fact, performance improves, becoming more consistent from job to job, site to site, because data is real time, immediately accessible, enabling customers and domain experts instant collaboration for better, more consistent drilling outcomes.

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