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Blade Family

Bits with unique cutting elements

For soft and plastic formations
HyperBlade bit—distinctive hyperbolic-shaped cutters that cut 20% deeper into rock
For hard and brittle formations
AxeBlade bit—the industry's most record-setting 3D cutting element
For hard and high-impact formations
StingBlade bit—featuring the industry's first 3D cutting element
For hard and abrasive formations
EnduroBlade 360 bit—the industry's only rolling element that actually cuts rock
Embrace the Intelligent Design Approach for Proven Performance
Smith Bits, a Schlumberger company, leads the industry with record-crushing bit technologies that are constantly proved and reproved in the field. Drilling Contractor drills into what’s behind the performance of these bits with new-generation shaped cutting elements.
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Blade bits have a history of record-breaking performance

We hold 53% of global drillbit records, and we set over 50% of the records in the most recent Hart Energy E&P drillbit review. Read these case studies for details on how different Blade bits helped operators by delivering faster ROP, more footage, and fewer drilling days.

Cutting Element Scrape Tests
Laboratory tests demonstrate cutting action on formation samples

Experience cutting-edge performance

See the power of Blade bits technology with a virtual view of rock destruction during our stringent testing process.

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Reshaping Drilling Performance
Cut, plow, rotate, crush—see how the Blade family evolved from a single revolutionary approach.
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Drilling Performance Insights: A Discussion with Bit Expert Wiley Long
Discover how Blade family bits were designed for maximum efficiency in this one-on-one interview with Smith Bits Product Champion Wiley Long.
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Blade family bits are unique because we begin the design process by asking one crucial question: “What best improves bit performance in specific situations?” This approach led to our creating the first bits in the Blade family, using elements with specialized 3D shapes to optimize performance well beyond conventional fixed and flat cutters. The immediate benefit was reduced wear that meant fewer bit trips, which lowered NPT and costs.

But this is really just the tip of the iceberg. We are advancing better bit performance every day because of our continuing work to understand customers' drilling challenges, and answering those challenges with something not quite as small as it seems—cutting elements. Cutting elements are small, but their effect is huge. In fact, that’s how Schlumberger reshaped cutting performance—by studying the behavior of cutting elements in key drilling applications.

The result is two classes of innovative cutters—the rolling cutting element and the 3D cutting element. Each possesses proprietary characteristics developed for specific applications and is the basis for each bit in our Blade family.

Hart Energy awards for drillbit innovation

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