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Engineered Drillstring Design

Optimize your BHA for any application

Rock Mechanics Laboratory
Scrape and insert indentation tests on rock samples collected from customers' fields
More than 50,000 simulations each month for customers worldwide
Ensured drillbit durability, vibration, steerability, and ROP
Field Review
Optimized bits, reamers, mills, pipe cutters, and drilling parameters for enhanced production

Achieve results on the first run

We provide 4D, time-based simulations that capture the entire drillstring and wellbore geometry, ensuring accurate modeling of cutting interface designs for drilling rock and milling metal applications. By integrating a suite of solid mechanics and programs that simulate bit-to-rock and mill-to-metal interaction, you can quickly customize your material design in real time, eliminating costly trial-and-error field tests so you can achieve the desired results on the first run.

Intelligent Drillstring Design

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