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Integrated dynamic system analysis service

Avoid Lost Time
Determine the root causes of failures, vibrations, instabilities, inefficiencies, and strange BHA behaviors before they happen
Understand Limitations
Identify areas where drillstring integrity, ROP, and BHA and bit design can be improved
Eliminate Unnecessary Trips
Know how the BHA will react to upcoming conditions—and how best to prepare for them

Simulation of downhole behavior eliminates trial-and-error on the rig

Analyzing drilling assembly dynamics through varying formations is a critical factor in optimizing drilling performance. As part of the i-DRILL service's design process, specially trained engineers simulate the behavior of the bit, as well as each component of the BHA and the drillstring, in a virtual drilling environment. Simulating the drilling operation enables evaluation of the root causes of inefficient and damaging BHA behavior. The engineers evaluate a range of options to reduce harmful vibrations, thus increasing equipment life and minimizing failures, increasing ROP, improving hole condition and directional control, and decreasing overall drilling cost.

i-Drill Integrated Dynamic System Analysis Service
i-Drill Integrated Dynamic System Analysis Service Parameters

By providing analyses of real-world simulations of downhole drilling properties, the i-DRILL service can eliminate unnecessary trips to change BHAs, identify true technical limitations without risking lost time, predict different BHA behaviors, identify weak points in the drillstring and equipment, and minimize vibrations and stick/slip.

The service can be configured to analyze causes of vibrations, failures, and inefficiencies; determine the best bit and cutter design as well as weight on bit (WOB) and rpm ratios for maximum ROP; investigate troubled BHA behavior; and perform postwell followups to determine the efficiency of the i-DRILL service's design recommendations.

Integrated dynamic system analysis service using the IDEAS integrated dynamic design and analysis platform
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