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Bumper sub

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Key drillstem component for deepwater operations

The Hydra-Stroke bumper sub—a key drillstem component in deepwater drilling operations where drillstring oscillation can be a problem—provides 6 ft of reliable telescopic movement, without placing any limitations on drillstring torque capacity, tensile strength, or hydraulic capability.

Reliable at any depth, in any drilling environment

The Hydra-Stroke bumper sub is fully balanced to the annulus and the mud pumps, making it completely reliable at any depth and in any drilling environment and eliminating the pump-open effect caused by internal pressure. It is rated for high temperatures and pressures. Wellbore fluid cannot enter the drive section, improving reliability.


  • Isolating drillstring assemblies from the effects of wave motion on floating and semisubmersible rigs
  • Providing drillstring travel in plug-and-abandon operations when low-level jarring or bumping is necessary
  • Providing travel required to deploy knives in casing cutting operations
Hydra-Stroke Bumper Sub
Hydra-Stroke Bumper Sub