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Tubulars & Tubular Services

Range of tubular products and rigfloor equipment

For more than 60 years, DRILCO has provided the industry's leading experts in inspection and machining services, and a range of tubular products and rigfloor equipment to support your drilling operations.

Machine Services hard banding

Tubular Services

Customized drill collars for trouble-free performance

Inspection Services

On site or at our facilities

Harness a full range of drilling rig inspection services using the latest nondestructive testing (NDT) equipment.

Machine Shop Services

Provided by qualified DRILCO personnel

Get tubular repairs, stub welding, tool joint buildup, hardbanding, and straightening.

Tubular Management Services

Offshore and land management services

Improve tubular reliability for offshore and extended-reach drilling.

Hardbanding Services

Mobile and Defender hardbanding

Extend tubular life at the shop or at the rig site.

Tubulars and Tools

Comprehensive selection of tubulars and subs for any application

Premium Connections

Greater torque than standard connections

Increase drilling safety and performance with DRILCO premium connections.

Premium Drillpipe

High-quality materials that extend pipe durability

Maximize drilling performance with premium features and manufacturing.

Premium Tubulars

Quality-assured tubulars

Select optimal drill collars, connections, and optional features for trouble-free BHA performance.

Drill Collars

Customized for trouble-free BHA performance

Ruggedize your operation with drill collars manufactured to specifications more stringent than API specifications.


Hydraulic cathead

Make up today's premium and standard tubular connections with up to 150,000 ft.lbf of smooth and accurate torque.


Transition drillpipe

Expedite rigfloor handling and improve efficiency at the site.

Mud-Chek AP

Advanced-performance kelly mud saver valve

Eliminate undesirable loss of drilling fluid when making a connection.

Rig Floor & Drilling Packages

Operation-ready toolbox options for rig contractors.

Select from a range of the most advanced and dependable drilling and rig equipment.

Rotary Kelly

Square and hexagonal configurations

Transmit torsional energy from the rotary table to the drillstring and, ultimately, to the bottom of the hole.

Rotary Subs

Cross over or disposable connection applications

Connect drillstem components, rotary, crossover, bit, lift, and top drive.

Thread Protectors

Cast steel, light steel, and plastic protectors

Protect pin and box connections when shipping or storing drillstem components.

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