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DRILCO Tubular Management Services

Tubular reliability for offshore and extended-reach drilling

From deepwater drilling to extended-reach operations, DRILCO tubular management services (TMS) offers a comprehensive range of inventory inspection, maintenance, repair, and storage solutions for drilling tubulars and accessories. TMS also provides inventory visibility, timely maintenance, and reduced repair costs through centralized maintenance, repair, and storage locations for maximum tubular reliability.
Tubular Management Services
Tubular Management Services

First-class service and geographic locations ensure global support 24/7

DRILCO tubulars undergo the best maintenance processes and repairs with fully-equipped service and support facilities that offer quality assurance capabilities, including

  • state-of-the-art inventory control
  • advanced maintenance and QC processes
  • premium connection repairs
  • 24-h service centers
  • support for inclement weather conditions
  • single-source responsibility for all inspection, maintenance, and repairs
  • loadout and delivery of products.

DRILCO has a worldwide infrastructure to support drilling operations regardless of geographic location. Our strategically located inventory locations and machine shop facilities enable us to provide fast and dependable response 24/7.

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