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Phosphate-based corrosion inhibitor

CONQOR 404 WH corrosion inhibitor is an all-purpose, water-soluble organophosphate compound used to prevent corrosion on metal surfaces.


CONQOR 404 WH inhibitor is used as a corrosion inhibitor in all water-base drilling fluids, brine water systems and air/mist/foam fluids. CONQOR 404 WH additive at relatively low concentrations is particularly effective against oxygen corrosion in aerated muds used in under balanced drilling operations and low solids non-dispersed water-base fluids.

Typical recommended treatment of CONQOR 404 WH inhibitor is 2-4 gallons for every 100 barrels (0.5-1.0 L/m3) of make-up fluid depending on anticipated conditions, other chemicals used in the system, and the corrosive environment, i.e., salinity, pH, temperature, oxygen content and acid gasses. If the corrosion rate is unacceptably high, the concentration should be increased to at least 7 gallons/100 barrels (1.7 L/m3). For aerated systems, an initial treatment of 12 gal/100 bbl (2.9 L/m3) is recommended. The product should be evenly dispersed throughout the circulating mud system and can be added either through the chemical barrel or directly to the mud pits wherever good agitation occurs.

The corrosion rates should be monitored at all times either directly or with corrosion coupons and treatments should be adjusted according to their analysis. A good corrosion-control program includes a thorough make-up-water analysis, chemical treatments for corrosive contaminants and an adequate bacterial control for systems that contain biodegradable additives.

Typical Physical Properties

Physical appearance: Clear yellow liquid

Specific gravity: 1.40-1.50

Pour point: -10 degF [-23 degC]


  • Compatible with anionic foamers
  • Highly effective against oxygen corrosion caused by dissolved oxygen
  • Low toxicity
  • Minimum impact on fluids rheology
  • Effective in fresh to saturated salt water
  • Effective in aerated fluids such as those used in air-drilling operations
  • Effective to temperatures in excess of 350 degF
  • Does not require an oxygen scavenger
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