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Lost Circulation Materials

Control downhole losses of drilling fluids

M-I SWACO offers the industry’s most extensive line of lost circulation materials (LCMs) engineered specifically to seal costly loss zones. Our comprehensive suite of LCMs includes an engineered approach to the design and application of plugs and bridging agents. Our lost circulation technologies include proprietary engineering software to determine the optimal particle size distribution of bridging materials.

We provide basic LCMs ranging from flakes and fibers to specially engineered families of crosslinking polymers designed to plug large fractures or vugular zones. Additionally, our thermally activated gelling agents generate viscosity and develop a gel structure once bottomhole temperature exceeds 140 degF [60 degC].

FybeCarb High-efficiency, acid-soluble, single-sack loss-prevention and remedial material
M-I SEAL Lost circulation material
M-I-X II Ground cellulose plugging agent
NUT PLUG Ground walnut or pecan hulls
VINSEAL                                    Filtration control and electrical stability lost circulation material
FORM-A-BLOK High-performance, high-strength lost circulation pill
FORM-A-BLOK AS Acid-soluble lost circulation pill
FORM-A-SQUEEZE High-solids slurry

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