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Minimize coefficient of friction in all drilling and completion fluids

Reduce the coefficient of friction, torque, and drag

M-I SWACO offers a range of chemical products formulated to reduce the coefficient of friction (COF) in drilling fluids, water and oil-based drilling fluids as well as halide and formate completion fluids—helping you minimize torque and drag, reduce stuck pipe risk, increase ROP, and save valuable operational time and costs.

Torque and drag in high-angle, extended-reach wells have become major concerns in completion operations. The SAFE-LUBE water-soluble brine lubricants have reduced torque and drag up to 50% at extremely low concentrations in field applications.

Worker with lubricants

LUBE 1017OB Lubricant for oil based drilling fluids
LUBE OB  Oil-dispersible lubricant
Water Base
Bakken Xpress   Harsh brine drilling fluids lubricant
LUBE 167 Low-toxicity, water-dispensible lubricant
LUBE 776 Water-dispersible lubricant
LUBE BX Field brine lubricant
LUBE BXC Concentrated brine lubricant
Intra LUBE Encapsulated lubricant
LUBE EXE Enhanced ester lubricant
PA-10 Lubricant and antiaccretion additive
ROD EASE Rod lubricant
STARGLIDE ROP-enhancing lubricant
LOTORQ Torque- and drag-reducing lubricant
Completion Fluids
SAFE-LUBE Water-soluble brine lubricant
SAFE-LUBE CW     Cold-weather water-soluble brine lubricant
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