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Shale Inhibitors

Control reactive shales while drilling with water-based fluids

Our portfolio of specially engineered additives is designed to inhibit reactive shales in water-based drilling systems and reservoir drill-in fluids. Our shale inhibitors are designed to enhance drillability while maintaining low toxicity for environmental acceptability.

Shale Inhibitors
BLACK FURY Readily dispersible liquid asphaltite suspension
KLA-CURE Hydration suppressant
KLA-GARD Shale stabilizer and inhibitor system
KLA-STOP Liquid polyamine shale additive
ASPHASOL SUPREME Sulfonated-asphalt shale inhibitor
IDCAP D Polymeric shale inhibitor
POLY-PLUS High-molecular-weight liquid clay inhibitor
POLY-PLUS RD Readily dispersible liquid clay inhibitor
POROSEAL Copolymeric filtration-control sealing additive
POROSEAL Plus Latex-based fluid loss control sealant
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