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Improve the hole-cleaning and solids-suspension capability of drilling fluids

M-I SWACO offers an extensive suite of viscosifiers designed to increase the viscosity of water-, oil-, and synthetic-based drilling fluids. We provide a variety of clay, polymer, and biopolymer viscosifiers to improve the hole-cleaning and solids-suspension capabilities of drilling fluids.

VG PLUS Advanced organophilic clay
VG SUPREME Organophilic clay viscosifier
VG-69 Organophilic clay
VERSAGEL HT              High-temperature viscosifier
DuraMod Flat rheology system modifier
Nonaqeous-Fluid Modifiers
HRP Oil-fluids liquid viscosifier
VERSAMOD                        Rheology oil-based mud viscosifier
Clay Based
M-I GEL Viscosifier
M-I GEL SUPREME Nontreated bentonite
SALT GEL Attapulgite clay viscosifier
GELITE High-yield clay
DUO-VIS Biopolymer viscosifier
DUO-TEC Dispersible nonclarified xanthan gum viscosifier
POWERVIS                                          Linear biopolymer viscosifier
VeraVis Branched synthetic polymer viscosifier and fluid loss additive
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