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Automated rheometer

Easily and Precisely Sample Water-, Oil-, or Synthetic-Based Drilling Fluid on Location

The RheoProfiler automated rheometer provides a thorough, yet straightforward system capable of testing density and rheological properties of all mud types—water, oil, and synthetic. Featuring a compact design, the RheoProfiler 200 rheometer weighs only 83 lbm [37.6 kg] and is easily mobile, providing a key advantage. The unit is capable of heating or cooling samples to 150 degF [65.6 degC] or 40 degF [4.4 degC] in less than 10 min to perform a range of shear stress tests.

Because the tests are automated and controlled by the device, a reliable and repeatable method of testing can be guaranteed for any samples tested with a high level of precision while eliminating repetitive tasks for the fluid engineer. The rheometer also enables rapid data delivery to assist customers with drilling fluid challenges and relays results efficiently to stakeholders to improve well construction performance.

Operator look at a computer screen with rheological tests displayed
Efficient automated density and rheological tests can be performed from varied sample points.
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