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Water-Based Drilling Fluid Systems

Water-based systems with oil-based inhibition performance

With M-I SWACO water-based drilling fluid systems, you get the performance of oil-based fluids with the environmental acceptability of water-based fluid.

Integrated Fluid Systems


High-temperature water-based drilling fluid

Enhanced rheological profile and fluid loss control with low sag tendency.


High-performance water-based drilling fluid system

Reduce torque, drag, shale swelling, and dispersion in environmentally sensitive shale.


High-performance water-based drilling fluid system

Inhibit reactive clays, encapsulate cuttings, and prevent accretion and bit balling.


Mixed metal oxide water-based drilling fluid system

Screen easily, even at high flow rates, with unequaled solids suspension.


Enhanced-polymer water-based drilling fluid system

Meet a variety of drilling challenges—large-diameter wellbores, extended-reach drilling, and highly reactive shales.


High-performance brine-compatible drilling fluids

Maintain efficient well control in the Bakken.


Direct emulsion fluid

Control rheological and fluid loss properties over brine:oil ratios from 95:5 to 50:50.


Advanced polyglycol system

Apply in polyglycol systems with fresh- to medium-salinity makeup water and in low formation temperatures.


Silicate-based drilling fluid system

Achieve flexibility you never thought possible in a water-based drilling fluid.


Low-molecular-weight liquid clay inhibitor

Achieve excellent cuttings encapsulation, limit cuttings dispersion, and stabilize shales.

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