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Aqueous Fluid Solutions

Water-based drilling fluids that perform with sustainable purpose

With M-I SWACO water-based drilling fluid systems, you get the performance of oil-based fluids with the environmental acceptability of water-based fluid.

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    Drilling fluids that are more than just water

    Operators are moving toward water-based fluids for their operations to comply with sustainability requirements. In anticipation, we have developed the most complete portfolio of aqueous fluid solutions that not only deliver sustainability with competitive performance in drilling and reservoir drill-in fluids (RDFs) but also advanced digital management and automation, along with sustainability tools that help quantify reduced emissions through the entire fluids management life cycle. So, you maintain your performance edge while lowering total cost of ownership and sustainability footprint with a wide variety of options based on specific targets outlined by you. These options help keep operations above water by lowering logistical costs, eliminating transport of base oil or cuttings, and minimizing the costs associated with lost circulation.


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    Aqueous Sustainability Technologies


    High-performance water-based drilling fluid system

    Reduce torque, drag, shale swelling, and dispersion in environmentally sensitive shale.


    Enhanced-polymer water-based drilling fluid system

    Meet a variety of drilling challenges—large-diameter wellbores, extended-reach drilling, and highly reactive shales.


    High-performance water-based drilling fluid system

    Inhibit reactive clays, encapsulate cuttings, and prevent accretion and bit balling.


    High-temperature water-based drilling fluid

    Enhanced rheological profile and fluid loss control with low sag tendency.

    Aqueous Systems


    Mixed metal oxide water-based drilling fluid system

    Screen easily, even at high flow rates, with unequaled solids suspension.


    High-performance brine-compatible drilling fluids

    Maintain efficient well control in the Bakken.


    Advanced polyglycol system

    Apply in polyglycol systems with fresh- to medium-salinity makeup water and in low formation temperatures.


    Silicate-based drilling fluid system

    Achieve flexibility you never thought possible in a water-based drilling fluid.

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