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Direct emulsion fluid

Drill salt formations
Reclaim diesel fluid
Get lubricity similar to oil-based mud

Giving you maximum control of rheological and fluid loss properties, FluxDril direct emulsion fluid remains stable over a wide brine:oil ratio, from 95:5 to 50:50. The noncontinuous oil phase can be any type of base oil.

FluxDril fluid is ideal for drilling salt formations where saturated brine is required to prevent washout and density is reduced to avoid losses in underpressured zones. FluxDril fluid exhibits excellent lubricity similar to oil-based mud along with good cuttings suspension and hole cleaning as well as high tolerance to contamination.

Direct emulsion fluid
Depth measurement of FluxDril direct emulsion fluid
FluxDril fluid was designed to work with low- to moderate-hardness saturated field brine without pretreatment. The pH is maintained with lime, avoiding the use of caustic soda.

Toxicity and handling

Fluids and cuttings from FluxDril fluid, especially when formulated using diesel, should follow the OBM regulations for safe handling and waste disposal. Always consult the SDS for proper personal protection equipment required for handling the materials.

Typical Physical Properties
Typical Physical Properties Physical appearance Emulsion (white or pink, depending on color of oil)
Typical Physical Properties Drilling fluid density 7.8 to 9.8 ppg [934.6 to 1,174.3 kg/m3]
Typical Physical Properties Temperature stability Up to 200 degF [93 degC]

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Direct emulsion fluid
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