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Enhanced-polymer water-based drilling fluid system

Excellent shale inhibition and flexibility for a variety of drilling challenges

The KLA-SHIELD drilling fluid system includes a broad range of polyamines that make it a preferred system when environmental guidelines dictate a water-based drilling fluid and hole conditions demand flexibility. The KLA-SHIELD water-based drilling fluid system is fine-tuned to meet a variety of drilling challenges—large-diameter wellbores, extended-reach drilling, and highly reactive shales. The system also is ideal for drilling high-angle wells in reactive shale formations where wellbore stability, torque and drag, and borehole and logging quality are major concerns.

Superior clay inhibition formula

The KLA-SHIELD system uses three different mechanisms to inhibit swelling and dispersion of clay.

  • KLA-STOP liquid polyamine shale additive effectively inhibits shale or gumbo clays from hydrating and minimizes the potential for bit balling.
  • IDCAP D polymeric shale inhibitor is a low-molecular-weight, dry acrylic acid copolymer that provides cuttings encapsulation and clay dispersion inhibition.
  • ULTRAFREE NS water-based mud ROP enhancer is a unique blend of surfactants and lubricants designed to coat drill cuttings and metal surfaces (such as the BHA and bit) to reduce the accretion tendency of hydrated solids with each other.

Formulated for land and offshore environments

Products that make up the KLA-SHIELD system are formulated to address environmental concerns worldwide, both on land and offshore. Onshore, the KLA-SHIELD system can be engineered to provide shale inhibition without the use of salts, and it contains no aromatic or cyclic hydrocarbon compounds, making cuttings ideally suited for land farming. For offshore operations, the system displays relatively low marine toxicity, provides relatively fast biodegradation rates, and minimizes cuttings piles and benthic impacts.

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