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High-temperature water-based drilling fluid

300-degF water-based fluid system
Fluid loss control and long-term stability
Reuseability in multiple wells
Stability for extended wireline logging

Dual-function polymer benefits logging operations

Drilling wells with bottomhole temperature exceeding 300 degF requires the use of high-temperature-stable, water-based drilling fluids. Formate brines and supplemental thermal stabilizers are used to help extend the thermal stability of conventional polymer-based drilling fluids. However, this approach fails to provide the long-term thermal stability needed for extended wireline logging operations and requires substantial treatments plus several trips.

VeraTherm high-temperature water-based drilling fluid features a dual-function VeraVis branched synthetic polymer that acts as a viscosifier and fluid loss additive. This additive enhances the rheological profile and fluid loss control along with long-term stability and low sag tendency at elevated temperature conditions. The long-term thermal stability characteristic of the VeraTherm fluid is not only ideal for high-temperature wells requiring extended wireline logging, but has plenty of benefits:

  • reuse of fluid to multiple wells
  • many applications, such as overburden drilling, coiled tubing drilling, and intervention
  • great potential as an alternative to oil-based mud, helping to move our industry toward carbon footprint reduction.
Equipment with brown fluid on it
The superior performance and high thermal stability of the VeraTherm fluid have been proven under laboratory and field conditions.
High-temperature water-based drilling fluid
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