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Solids Control and Cuttings Management

Equipment and services to maintain drilling fluid integrity and minimize waste

Solids Control On Rig Site
Solids Control On Rig Site
pan installation of SCREEN PULSE

Our solids control technologies optimize drilling efficiencies by maintaining fluid integrity, reducing fluid losses, minimizing HSE impact, and lowering drilling costs through NPT management. Offerings include advanced shale shakers and associated OEM composite screens, new-generation centrifuges and pumps, cuttings dryers, and the RHE-USE two-stage centrifuge system enabling reuse of invert emulsion drilling fluids over multiple wells.

We work closely with rig designers, contractors, operators, and shipyards to customize integrated drilling and waste management configurations for optimal fluid recovery, reduced dilution rates, less waste generation, and lower costs.

Containment and cuttings minimization

New-generation cuttings management technologies reduce the HSE footprint of drilling operations. They include fully enclosed pneumatic technologies for the containment, handling, temporary storage, and transport of drill cuttings. Thermal and frictional desorption minimize the fluid content of cuttings, significantly reducing total waste volumes and the need for costly transportation. We also have significant expertise in planning, implementing, and monitoring in situ injection of drilling waste. Operators save time, labor, rig space, and mitigate HSE risk by avoiding transportation over water or on roadways.

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