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Solids Control Solutions for HDD, Mining & Waterwell

Reduce waste, recover more fluid, and increase performance

Less Waste
Up to 80% less drilling waste and cuttings disposal volume
Greater Fluid Recovery
Industry-leading technologies with highest solids-separation efficiency and long service life
Improved Drilling Performance
Continuous recycling of drilling fluid during operations
Reduced Environmental Risk
Less waste disposal and reduced trucking and carbon footprint

Serving HDD, Mining & Waterwell customers for more than 40 years! M-I SWACO turnkey solutions and best-in-class technologies get the job done right the first time—with an outsized ROI that increases your profitability.

Wherever you work, you can depend on M-I SWACO to keep your projects on target. As the industry-leading provider of drilling fluid systems and additives, solids control equipment, and engineering services, we have the know-how and resources to custom design solutions that meet the unique requirements of your project, regardless of its location or complexity. Our highly trained drilling fluid specialists have global experience in delivering 24/7/365 onsite engineering services that no competitor can match.

Dewatering Plus logo.

Tier 1: Dewatering Plus

Separate submicrometer-size particles and dissolved solids with ultrafiltration purification technologies. Reclaim wastewater for beneficial use.

  • Remove suspended solids.
  • Maximize fluid reuse.
  • Meet strict effluent limitations and onsite discharge requirements.
  • Produce clear, drinkable water.
Enhanced Fluid Recycling logo.

Tier 2: Enhanced Fluid Recycling

Removes colloidal-sized particles that can significantly degrade the performance of water-based drilling fluids. Eliminates the need for costly dilution to maintain density and rheological properties.

  • Remove up to 100% of suspended solids.
  • Extend fluid life up to a factor of 10.
  • Reclaim water for new mud and rig washdown.
  • Minimize colloidal solids, enabling faster ROP.
Fluid Recycling logo.

Tier 3: Basic Fluid Recycling

Reuse your drilling fluid or service liquid by removing suspended solids. Reduce total waste, disposal costs, additive consumption, and water usage.

  • Reduce waste and disposal costs up to 60%.
  • Recycle valuable drilling fluids.
  • Increase ROP and decrease NPT.
  • Outperform current industry standards for greater cost savings.
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