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Cement Trucks and Trailers

Simplify operations with rugged, low-maintenance technology

Slow-, intermediate-, and high-rate pumping services
Achieve high-pressure pumping services up to 760 hhp
Digital at the well site
Use computer-aided treatment to record sensor data at wellsite during pumping operations
Minimal down time
Lower NPT through high system redundancy
Single source for all cementing needs
Become 100% self-sufficient on all land locations thanks to supply of treating iron

Schlumberger land cementing units are deployable in harsh environments for year-round operations and require minimal road permit requirements. Small crews easily operate the low-maintenance equipment while saving time during rig-up, operation, rig-down, and cleanup.

Single-pump cement truck

The CPF-179 single-pump cement truck is designed to handle most land cementing operations and complies with Canada’s stringent frost laws, making it suitable for year-round operation in cold environments, even during spring thaw.

The CPS 179 truck-mounted land cementing unit with ladders deployed
CPF-179 single-pump cement truck.

Double-pump cement trailers

CPF-377 and CPF-577 double-pump cement trailers provide high-pressure pumping services up to 760 hhp. The advanced cement control system provides superior density control and enables accurate mixing of slurries down to 5 ppg via solids fraction monitoring and control. The trailers can carry their own supply of treating iron, making them completely self sufficient on all land locations.

The land cementing unit trailer connected to a big rig
CPF-377 double-pump cement trailer.

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