CBS-965 Electric Batch Mixer Skid | SLB


Electric batch mixer skid


The CBS-965 electric batch mixer skid blends and recirculates cement slurry for the pumping unit. It is equipped with two 50-bbl blending tanks that can handle large volumes of slurry.

Two centrifugal pumps are capable of transferring fluids from remote sources. The pumps also recirculate cement slurry back to the tanks and discharge fluids to the pumping unit.

Piping and valves enable individual mixing and discharge into the two 50-bbl tanks, as well as cross mixing. The cement blender skid meets Zone 2 hazardous area electrical requirements for offshore use.

Cutout of the CBS-965 electric batch mixer skid.
CBS-965 electric batch mixer skid.


  • Uniform cement slurry blending
  • Cement slurry or fluids delivery to the pumping unit
  • Cement slurry recirculation back to blending tanks 
  • Fluids transfer from remote sources


  • Individual tank mixing and cross mixing
  • Pneumatic feeding of dry cement directly to the batch mixer
  • Uniform cement slurry
  • Design with
    • Two centrifugal pumps
    • Pressurized packing lubrication for centrifugal pumps
    • Hopper and cutting table