CPS 361 Cement Pumping Skid | SLB


Cement pumping skid


The CPS-361 cement pumping skid delivers high-pressure pumping services (up to 500 hhp) for operations. Two 340-bhp electronic diesel engines power the unit. The skid is equipped with advanced cement control (ACC)  data acquisition and monitoring, enabling precise control of slurry density, and it can be supplied with a marine cooling kit.

The CPS-361 cement-pumping skid
The CPS-361 cement pumping skid.


  • High-pressure pumping
  • Meters and pumps mixing and displacement fluids
  • Recirculating cement


  • Full system redundancies
  • Direct-driven mixing pumps for improved reliability and efficiency
  • Mark III SLURRY CHEIF cement mixing equipment with CBS-393
  • Nonradioactive densitometer
  • ACC system
  • Stainless steel displacement tanks
  • Split skid with bulkhead
  • Full selection of fluid ends
  • Pressurized packing lube system
  • Adjustable choke valve
  • Optional CMK 828 solids fraction monitoring