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MPD systems

From automated control in complex environments to manual control in less-demanding applications, the @balance Control MPD system incorporates software and services to meet a full range of operational needs. The @balance Control system is a single platform designed to operate in onshore as well as offshore environments as a stand-alone or integrated control system.

Automatic control

The real-time, automated MPD control system is the basis of a comprehensive pressure management plan, especially in narrow hydraulic windows. A fully automated response effectively manages changing pressures and flow rates. When installed as part of an MPD system, this control system links the choke manifold and system sensors to a real-time hydraulics model and VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS drilling fluid simulation software. The system can thus quickly detect and respond to changes before they rise to the level of wellbore stability or well control events.

@balance Control MPD Systems
@balance Control MPD Systems

Semiautomatic control

When fully automatic control is not required, the ramp control MPD system is available. Operating in automatic mode, the system follows the surface backpressure versus drilling pump rate ramp provided in the design phase.

Manual control

In manual mode, it enables the choke operator to manage the choke position and pressures via a human machine interface. Each mode requires only minimal equipment, making the system ideal for deepwater vessels with limited deck space.

@balance Control MPD Systems
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