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Gas flow measurement system

Engineered to measure the volume of gas produced while drilling, the CARBONTRACKER system helps operators minimize the environmental impact of their operations, including their carbon footprint. In addition to measuring flow while drilling, the CARBONTRACKER system can be used for reservoir characterization by detecting and monitoring nuisance gas when drilling in tight or shale gas as well as in underbalanced or managed pressure drilling operations. The system is suitable for offshore or onshore and is particularly beneficial in shale gas plays.

Typical flare line gas meters designed for drilling operations lack the accuracy or reliability to detect small quantities of gas, which is especially detrimental when drilling tight gas formations. The CARBONTRACKER system accurately detects and quantifies even the smallest gas flows down to 0.1 ft/s.

CARBONTRACKER gas flow measurement system
M-I SWACO has developed a step-changing new method for measuring the amount of gas produced while drilling.
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