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Mud-Gas Separators

Technology for reliable mud and gas separation

M-I SWACO mud-gas separators are ideal for use where drilling is likely to encounter large volumes of gas. The separators are used primarily to separate and reliably vent large pockets of free gas from the active mud system.

MUD GAS SEPARATOR primary drilling fluid gas unit

The MUD GAS SEPARATOR unit, with models engineered for use onshore and offshore, is used to reliably separate and vent large pockets of free gas from the drilling fluid system. It is also ideal for use when an operator is drilling with an underbalanced mud column. The compact separator is well-suited for the space limitations of offshore drilling. It is skid-mounted and trailer transportable, which simplifies transport, spotting, and installation.

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SUPER MUD/GAS SEPARATOR high-capacity unit

The SUPER MUD/GAS SEPARATOR unit offers the industry’s highest gas- and liquids-handling capacity and enables operators to drill deeper, large-diameter and exploratory wells at higher circulating rates. The unit improves kick handling capabilities, promotes optimal circulation rates, and facilitates drilling large-diameter holes through targeted zones. The SUPER MUD/GAS SEPARATOR unit increases gas- and liquids-handling capacities and enables the immediate sale of gas during drilling operations. It also provides more efficient separation of emulsions and gas-cut mud in either gas or oil environments, eliminating the need for a skimming system in a gas environment.

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Mud Gas Separator
A field-proven and extremely reliable piece of safety equipment for today’s drilling operations.


The X30 MUD/GAS SEPARATOR system separates and reliably vents pockets of free gas from drilling and workover operations. It is ideal where drilling and workover are likely to encounter sour gas or when an operator needs to control the well with small, efficient equipment. Each unit is built for rugged wear and is coated with corrosion-resistant epoxy to ensure long life while processing hazardous and toxic gases.

TOGA total gas containment system

The TOGA system combines two field-proven products—the D-GASSER drilling fluid degassing unit and the MUD GAS SEPARATOR unit—to completely separate and vent or flare all flammable and harmful gases in drilling fluid circulated from the wellbore. Used primarily to control high-volume free gas, the TOGA system is a totally enclosed mud-gas separation system that is also a valuable tool during a well kick. The TOGA system is available in a variety of efficient containment and separation configurations for use onshore and offshore.

3-phase separator

The 3-phase separator is an instrumented vessel that separates well effluent into three phases—oil, gas, and water—for well testing. It was developed for land fracturing flowback and well test operations. The 3-phase separator is built in compliance with ASME Section VIII, Division 1 and NACE MR0175 for H2S environments. Multiple pressure safety valves contain and direct flow to a designed safe area in the event of vessel overpressurization. Bypass valves, a unique offering from M-I SWACO in a three-phase separator unit, enable operators to move effluent into containment areas for maintenance without shutting in the well or risking exposure to chemicals.

3-Phase Separator

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