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BOP Control Systems

Drilling control systems for land, platform, and subsea applications

Cameron provides drilling control systems for land, platform, and subsea applications. Our BOP control systems feature a modular design using preengineered, field-proven components with advanced safety and functionality for better operational efficiency. Available controls range from hydraulic to all-electric systems.

The unique modular design allows simple installation and retrieval of the control pod utilized in our multiplex (MUX) systems, which leads to reduced maintenance time and costs.

Our control systems feature the latest technology with new advances in safety and functionality, providing for operational efficiency.

BOP stack mockup in Patterson
Protect What's Inside—Because What's Inside Counts
Based on the Connect IQ* drilling equipment life cycle management services concept and the firewall network that accompanies it, the cybersecurity-enabled system protects Cameron BOP control systems against possible and unintended cybersecurity threats.
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