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Wireline Intervention Pressure Control System

Reliable, secure pressure control to efficiently deploy wireline tools downhole

It's about safety and efficiency

The wireline intervention pressure control (WIPC) system enables the wireline crew to focus on downhole operations without worrying about surface well integrity. The system meets API Spec 16B and NACE MR0175, simplifying compliance with operator requirements. Proprietary Cameron elastomers provide reliable sealing performance against aggressive wellbore fluids. Straightforward design with forged pressure-containing bodies reduces potential leak points. Internal porting simplifies field use and improves robustness of the system. Careful material selection and available corrosion-resistant coatings reduce maintenance costs in harsh conditions. Optimized quick-union connectors enable easy alignment and makeup in the field for maximum efficiency. Vertically cut grips on quick-connect collars make for easy grip and fast rig-up.

Wireline Intervention Pressure Control System
Enables the wireline operator to focus on downhole operations without worrying about surface well integrity.

Use during wireline intervention and workover operations to provide reliable and secure pressure control while deploying wireline tools.

It's about creating a pressure-tight chamber

WIPC creates a pressure-tight chamber for rigging up tools during intervention operations and provides a dynamic seal around the wireline cable. The system consists of several subassemblies, including

  • wireline valve
  • tool trap
  • lubricators
  • slickline stuffing box
  • slickline packoff
  • grease injection head
  • quick-test sub.
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API drift size, in 5 1/8
Working pressure, psi 10,000
API temperature class, degF P+U (–20 to 250)
NACE MR0175 limit No-limit H2S
Compatible cables Slickline cables,
electric line cables,
polymer-jacketed cables 
Top passthrough, in 1.75
Tool catcher range, in 1 to 1.5
Wireline valve ram configuration Field configurable: standard or inverted
Wireline valve body style Double, triple, or quad

All specifications are subject to change without notice.
Specific elastomer kits required for high-H2S conditions.

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