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Pipe Deck Crane

Advanced stand-alone systems

Cameron provides two types of pipe deck cranes that are designed as advanced stand-alone systems for horizontal handling of pipe between the pipe deck and the catwalk machine. Both are knuckle-boom type cranes with a circular pedestal, specially designed to have a simple interface and large operating envelope.

Pipe deck crane, knuckle boom with JibLink

  • Knuckle boom for direct connection with the load
  • Lightweight and cost-efficient JibLink design for wider operating envelope without the need for any telescope in the jib
  • Lifting capacity of 5 t
  • Wide operating radius of 2.5 m to 26 m
  • Capable of handling tubulars of up to 20-in diameter and 45-ft length
  • Simple, low-maintenance gripper yoke
  • LED floodlights
  • Onboard HPU
  • Options
    • Operator cabin with HVAC
    • CCTV in gripper head
    • Winch

Pipe deck crane, knuckle boom

  • Knuckle boom for direct connection with the load (no wires or swinging load)
  • Lifting capacity range of 5 to 35 t
  • Operator-friendly cabin
  • Onboard HPU
  • Options
    • Telescopic jib
    • Various gripper yoke designs
    • Winch
Pipe deck crane and knuckle boom

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