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Catwalk machine

The SmartCat catwalk machine offers safe and efficient transport of drillpipe, collars, casings, subs, and other equipment from the pipe deck or ground level to the drill floor.

Its new-generation design provides faster, smoother, and more flexible transport operations than traditional catwalks and conveyor catwalks. The optional tail-in arm is used to guide the lower pin end of tubulars when moving from horizontal to vertical positions and from vertical to horizontal positions. The tail-in arm can be used to stab tubulars into well center or a mousehole.

The catwalk machine runs horizontal from the pipe rack area onto the drillfloor

Offshore Operations

The SmartCat catwalk machine for offshore operations carries up to four 6 5/8-in drillpipes at the same time, reducing the number of skate runs required and making it an ideal tool for standbuilding.

Designed for fully horizontal handling of tubulars, the SmartCat catwalk machine can be used for loading and unloading from any of the pipe handling cranes. It travels on rails that run all the way from the pipe deck to the well center. The rails are normally flush-mounted on the drill floor to prevent a tripping hazard. The catwalk skate allows smaller bits, subs, and other equipment to be safely transported.

Land Operations

The SmartCat catwalk machine for land operations features a unique design to optimize the angle of the pipe into the drill floor and includes feeding systems for drillpipe, drill collar, and casing. The built-in walking system with X-Y directional movement provides faster setup during rig moves.

Ability to preload stands of tubulars at the drill floor to reduce the number of skate runs required
Mechanized handling of all tubulars for improved overall safety and ease of operation
Fully automated system that can be interfaced with rig control system and zone management system (ZMS)
Skate system designed to prevent friction and damage to the tubular threads
Fail-safe design philosophy
Twin skate travel motors, gears, and brakes
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