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Vertical pipe handling system

The SmartRacker vertical pipe handling system triple and quad column rackers are advanced pipe handling systems for jackup rigs, semisubmersible rigs, and drillships. They perform all vertical pipe handling operations on the drill floor, including racking stands, building stands in the mousehole, picking up singles from the catwalk, laying out singles to the catwalk, and tripping in and out of the fingerboard.

These systems are fully-automated with a robotic control system that controls and monitors all operations and protects the machine and rig from operator failure. The machine can be operated in auto mode, semiautomatic mode, manual mode, override mode, and emergency mode. With its unique gripper head design, the SmartRacker system can handle all types of pipe, including production tubing, drillpipe, casing, and spiral drill collar.

Using AC or hydraulic technology for all main functions, the SmartRacker system is very accurate and reliable as well as easy and quick to operate. This efficient handling system is designed for the most demanding applications in an offshore environment. It is designed according to DNV and NORSOK regulations and is CE marked.

SmartRacker vertical pipe handling system


  • Versatile for handling of triple or quad stands, horizontal to vertical, as well as assistance in handling smaller bits, subs, and objects
  • Fully automated functions with focus on extremely simple use
  • All main functions driven by AC or hydraulic motors for improved performance and accuracy
  • One gripper head that handles all drillpipe, casing, and drill collars from 3 1/2 in to 14 in (2 7/8 in optional); no need to stop and wait to change heads
  • Accurate soft stabbing function that saves threads on drillpipes
  • Works in concert with the SmartCat catwalk machine for horizontal-to-vertical operations; no need for overhead V-door machines
  • Pickup elevator with fail-safe mechanical lock for 2 7/8-in to 14-in pipe size
  • Upper and lower guide arm adjustable vertically for different stand lengths
  • Robust design with well-protected sensors
  • User-friendly human machine interface (HMI) with onscreen operator guidance
  • Fail-safe design philosophy
  • Fully automated; all operations controlled from the drilling control room
  • Monitoring and interlocks to avoid damage to machine or surroundings; smooth end stops
  • Gripper arm lifted using dual lifting wire, dual winch motors and gears, as well as dual fail-safe winch brakes
  • Dual design (upper trolley motor, gear, and brake/lower trolley motor, gear, and brake/column rotate motor, gear, and brake)
  • Low-maintenance design throughout using high-quality components and low-maintenance bearings
  • Maintenance access at defined points
  • Full integration with OnTrack ZMS drill floor zone management system
  • Fail-safe gripper head with accumulator to maintain pressure in case of hydraulic power loss
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