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Intelligent Power Management

A comprehensive solution for emissions, fuel costs, and engine wear

Emissions Reduction

Lower CO2 emissions by improved power generator management.

Reduce emissions while maintaining an optimal engine load

Intelligent power management is a predictive power management system that reduces emissions, fuel consumption, and engine run time on the rig through a combination of automated software, energy storage system, and hydrogen injection.

The automated software controls the rig engines, the energy storage system, and the hydrogen injection system to work in conjunction to produce the desired outcome of reduced emissions, reduced fuel consumption, and reduced engine hours and wear or a combination.

Photo of 2 rig generator engines. The one on the left shows no emissions, the engine to the right show emissions.
Intelligent power management reduces emissions from rig generator engines. The stack on the left shows emissions from a generator engine using intelligent power management. The engine to the right does not.

With operators moving toward reducing their carbon footprints, emissions reduction from the rig during drilling operations plays a crucial role. Intelligent power management provides a solution to reduce emissions and fuel consumption on the rig.

Minimize your drilling CO2 footprint—how it works

The automated engine software has an adaptive start and stop feature based on rig-generator load, optimizing engine performance to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. This is where power lookahead is crucial because downhole data, the well plan, and surface data are used to predict the future power demand of the rig. When power need is low, intelligent power management diverts excess energy to the battery system. When the rig needs more power, it draws from the battery reserve rather than revving up the generator. The result is a consistent, optimal load on the engine. Hydrogen is produced on site and injected with oxygen into the engine combustion chamber, which results in a more efficient burn of the fuel, further lowering emissions.

Intelligent power management is about seeing power management more clearly, and this solution can be tailored to your objectives based on equipment type, as well as your goals for fuel efficiency, emissions, and engine life optimization.

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Decarbonize Your Operations
Intelligent Power Management is part of our Transition Technologies portfolio of solutions that minimize your drilling CO2 footprint. These technologies reduce energy consumption and emissions, helping you reach your sustainability goals with improved efficiency, fewer trips, and less drilling time.
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