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High-definition NMR logging-while-drilling service

MagniSphere high-definition NMR logging-while-drilling service provides sourceless, real-time NMR data for accurate and precise reservoir fluid characterization, which improves well placement for better and more productive hydrocarbon extraction from horizontal sections.

Sourceless NMR data

Real-time NMR data for more accurate petrophysical evaluation to better place slimhole wells in pay zones

MagniSphere Service: Simultaneous T1 and T2 Distribution
High-definition NMR logging-while-drilling service

How it works

MagniSphere service is real-time NMR while drilling, simultaneously delivering T1 and T2 distributions, which measure the time it takes for formation fluids nuclei to polarize and relax after being stimulated with a combination of magnetic fields. This enables optimal characterization of heavy and light fluids with an equal level of accuracy within the widest range of rock fabrics.

The T2 distribution gives a better definition of fast-relaxing fluids—those with very short T times. It also provides good definition of characteristics such as microporosity and heavy oil. T2 distribution has a faster acquisition time, so it enables better data statistics and precision.

T1 distributions help characterize slower-relaxing fluids, or fluids that are on the high end of the T time, which characterizes large pores, macroporosity, light oil, and gas. Although T1 is a longer measurement and is ROP sensitive, it has a better tolerance to lateral motion.

Because T2 distribution has accuracy on one type of fluid and specific bore size, and T1 distribution on a different type of fluid and bore size, having both simultaneously delivers all ranges of porosity environment and fluids.

MagniSphere service features a 400-us echo spacing—the shortest of the all LWD NMR legacy solutions. Combined with an innovative signal acquisition sequence, this enables better vertical resolution with an enhanced precision in microporosity and heavy oil identification.

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MagniSphere service acquires T1 and T2 distribution simultaneously at each depth.
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