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MicroScope HD

Resistivity and high-definition imaging-while-drilling service

Optimize completion design and stimulation planning
Identify thinly laminated or bypassed pay zones
Enhance well trajectory positioning 

High-resolution LWD imaging for geological reservoir description

The MicroScope HD resistivity and high-definition imaging-while-drilling service provides unmatched logging-while-drilling (LWD) imaging for reservoir description, from structural modeling to sedimentology analysis, to enable detailed fracture characterization and completion optimization in conductive drilling fluids.

With a vertical resolution of 0.4 in, the MicroScope HD service enables operators to see fine features of the downhole environment. The high-definition resistivity imaging supports fracture and dip analysis for structural evaluation of reservoir sections and sedimentology evaluation, including image-based porosity determination and thin-bed analysis. This service aids geological interpretation in siliciclastics, carbonates, and unconventional shale oil and gas reservoirs.

MicroScope HD Resistivity and High-Definition Imaging-While-Drilling Service
High-resolution images from MicroScope HD service (left) and wireline image data (right).
MicroScope HD Resistivity and High-Definition Imaging-While-Drilling Service
The MicroScope HD service provides answers, not just datasets
The MicroScope HD 675 service provides multidepth azimuthal laterolog resistivities and high-definition borehole images in a 8.5-in hole size to enable well placement and geosteering, sedimentology using porosity and texture distribution, formation evaluation in high-resolution, estimation of reserves, structural analysis based on dips and fracture orientation, and fracture characterization for completion design optimization.
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MicroScope HD Resistivity and High-Definition Imaging-While-Drilling Service
Images from the MicroScope HD service show fractures, fracture surface, and fracture volume.
MicroScope HD Resistivity and High-Definition Imaging-While-Drilling Service

Fracture characterization for production optimization

Detailed characterization of fractures is possible with LWD, using high-definition images from the MicroScope HD service. Types of fractures and their morphology and geometry, density, and distribution along the logged interval can be identified. High-resolution images from the MicroScope HD service successfully identify fractured zones contributing to drilling fluid losses, and completion design is subsequently developed to isolate those fractures zones, as well as to select proper perforation zones away from the fractures.

MicroScope HD
High-definition imaging-while-drilling service for LWD images
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