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Everything here is at your fingertips—articles, interviews, videos, and case studies, as well as white papers, books, and more. Our new site is your vast repository for a century of experience with innovative processes and technology, just waiting to be explored.

Not new? Sure it is.

This site is different from the old because we used analytics and your feedback from direct dialog with us to make your search time more productive. From product or service updates and highlights to press releases or industry articles hot off the press, the latest, freshest content is always on the home page—right there and ready for your review.


You can navigate the site by operations-centric subjects, such as Drilling or Completions. This streamlines your search into relevant topics so you can drill down to new depths of knowledge to unlock reservoirs of resources. Looking for a specific challenge? Scroll down to the bottom and seek out the Operating Environments menu. It specifically focuses on some of the complex environments our customers work in, such as carbonate, heavy oil, unconventional, and geothermal reservoirs.

Insights Page

For more enlightening and trending content, the Insights page is your portal to hot industry topics and thought leadership. Here, you can keep up with industry chatter generated by the latest Schlumberger innovations through articles, case studies, interviews, and more.

Resource Library

If you prefer nuts and bolts or ones and zeros, the Resource Library page lets you cross reference by challenges and geography to product name and year to harvest every piece of our literature relevant to your search.

Insights page.
resources page
Resource Library.

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