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Powerful solutions to heat and cool in a whole new way

About 70% of the thermal energy a building needs is waiting to be uncovered right below us. Tapping into geoenergy takes tools to access it and the expertise to make it reality.

Leveraging SLB expertise and technology innovation, geoenergy is readily available and dependable for heating and cooling buildings. Our Celsius Energy system uses technologies to maximize geoenergy exchange, surface heat pumps, and advanced digital controls. Together, we can harness this sustainable energy source and reduce your overall energy consumption and emissions.

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Pioneering new energy solutions in Europe

Taking part in a regional approach to reducing emissions

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Celsius Energy completes first installation of innovative building heating and cooling low-carbon solution

Installation delivers 90% reduction of CO2 emissions, 40% reduction of operational costs

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Celsius Energy delivers 60% reduction in energy consumption

The first installation of the Celsius Energy solution in Clamart has created a design space that integrates this sustainable technology into the urban landscape

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