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We are involved in a wide variety of programs worldwide, many of which are coordinated by employees who volunteer their time and expertise to assist others at the local level. As the following examples demonstrate, Schlumberger participates in many types of community initiatives.



Annual Scratch Day in Texas

Schlumberger employees volunteered at the Fort Bend Independent School District’s first Annual Scratch Day in Sugar Land, Texas. This event allowed students to learn different programing languages, including Scratch–a free programming language that allows children to create games, animations, and stories to generate their interest in coding and computer science. Events like the Annual Scratch Day allow Schlumberger to further its mission of inspiring children to pursue careers in STEM related fields.

SEED Fruit Power Workshop in Russia

Employees volunteered to conduct a SEED workshop for 30 fifth-grade students in Tyumen, Russia. The volunteers first introduced the students to the principles of electricity and how batteries operate, and demonstrated how to make a battery out of fruit. The students then had the opportunity to test a variety of different fruit to create their own batteries. This event allowed the volunteers to facilitate a fascinating experiment to spark the children’s interest in STEM related subjects.

SEED Electric Generator Workshop in Russia

Schlumberger employees volunteered their time to host a SEED Electric Generator workshop for over 50 eight- to twelve-year-old students in Novy Urengoy, Russia. Volunteers first introduced the students to the principles of electromagnetism and answered questions about how electric generators work. They helped the students put together mini generators using SEEDkits. The volunteers also introduced the students to the principles of electric circuits and various sources of renewable energy.

Work Experience Program in England

Schlumberger’s Stonehouse Technology Center hosted 15 eleventh- and twelfth-grade students for a week-long Work Experience Program. The students visited numerous Schlumberger facilities and participated in activities to help them learn about the integral part that STEM plays in the industry and in oil exploration and production. Additionally, the students took part in manufacturing, supply chain logistics, and computer programing seminars, giving them an opportunity to develop a wide breadth of knowledge and skills that will better prepare each of them for their future education and career.

Water Testing Workshop in Takoradi, Ghana

Schlumberger volunteers organized a SEED Water Testing workshop at the Bompeh Technical Secondary School in Takoradi, Ghana. Volunteers coached 45 students as they performed temperature, turbidity, pH, nitrate, phosphate, and dissolved oxygen tests on five different water samples. The students then recorded their results and presented their findings. After the lesson was complete, the volunteers and students discussed the importance of taking care of natural water supplies.

High School Summer Externship in Houston

Schlumberger hosted 18 high school students from the Houston area for a 3-week summer externship. Students were mentored by Schlumberger employees and worked on a variety of projects, including: testing OilSim modules, repairing SV3 Wave Gliders, researching emissions regulations, evaluating office ergonomics, and standardizing office emergency procedures. The students also visited the University of Houston, the University of Texas, and Rice University to explore post-high school opportunities in STEM. This experience not only helped the interns prepare for college, but also allowed them to learn about the various career paths offered in the oil and gas industry.

Cameron Holds First SEED Event in India

Cameron held its first SEED event in Coimbatore, India. Employees volunteered their time to teach 250 students about various STEM topics and provided them with greater insight into potential careers in STEM related fields. The students also participated in the Schlumberger SEED Art Competition.

We Are Girls Conference in Houston

Employees volunteered at the We Are Girls Conference in Houston, introducing eight- to fourteen-year-old girls to the field electrical engineering. Volunteers facilitated a Build Your Own LED Earrings workshop, in which the girls were taught the basics of electrical engineering, electric circuits, and soldering. The volunteers then assisted participants in soldering their own pair of LED earrings. These young girls walked away with a greater understanding of careers in engineering, and more importantly greater confidence in themselves. 

Festival of Manufacturing and Engineering in England

Employees from Schlumberger’s Stonehouse Technology Center volunteered during a Festival of Manufacturing and Engineering (FESTOMANE) event in Gloucestershire, England. Volunteers taught FESTOMANE participants about structural engineering by helping them assemble towers out of dried spaghetti and marshmallows. The volunteers then provided a lesson on how geological formations are evaluated, and assisted the students in constructing circuits that could identify the presence of water. These engaging lessons helped the 50 young participants develop a greater understanding and interest in both engineering and applied science.

Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation

Schlumberger employees volunteered at the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation Summer Camp Adventure, which took place at two Houston area schools. The two camps were attended by hundreds of elementary students, and employees introduced the students to careers in engineering and facilitated engaging buoyancy and circuitry experiments. This experience generated an interest in STEM for many of the young participants, and helped fulfill the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation’s mission to improve the quality of life for Houstonians of all ages through the power of literacy.

Robotics Workshop in Ecuador

A STEM workshop was held for 90 six- to sixteen-year-old students in Nuevo Rocafuerte, Ecuador. Schlumberger volunteers introduced the students to a variety of engineering topics and facilitated a robotics workshop. The experience allowed these young students to learn more about potential careers in engineering and science.

SEED Workshop in Curacao

Schlumberger hosted a SEED workshop for 28 elementary students in Curacao. The students were introduced to careers in science and technology and employees taught the students about different forms of energy by facilitating electronic circuit, electro-magnetism, and wind power workshops. The event also focused on injury prevention and provided the students with tips for how to be safe during outdoor activities.

First SEED Workshop in Libya

Employees in Tripoli conducted the first SEED workshop in Libya for 15 eight- to fourteen-year-old students. The topic of the workshop was Fruit Power, and students learned about electricity, the principles and operation of batteries, and how to make a battery out of fruit. To further the students’ understanding of electrical engineering, employees also provided a lesson on electrical circuits with a focus on the differences between series and parallel circuits.

SEED Career-Oriented Workshops in Russia

Schlumberger employees hosted a series of SEED workshops for over 50 children and adolescents in Tyumen, Russia. These career-oriented workshops allowed the young students to explore potential careers in geology, engineering, and the oil and gas industry. The students first participated in various classroom sessions and then visited Schlumberger facilities for a hands-on experience to further their understanding of the role engineering and geology play in the oil and gas industry.

SEED Houseplant Workshop in Turkmenistan

Schlumberger employees facilitated a Houseplant Workshop for 20 children and their parents in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. The children were introduced to a number of different plant types, and volunteers then taught lessons on the planting process and the importance of proper care after planting.  Not only did the event help these young children develop an interest in plants and gardening, but also allowed them to learn about the importance of teamwork.


Girl Code Robotic Arm Workshop

As part of its new Girl Code initiative, Schlumberger hosted a workshop for 30 Houston-area high school girls, introducing them to various opportunities within the field of computer science. The focus of the workshop was robotics. Participants visited the West Houston Hospital and the Liquid Robotics to learn about many ways robotic technologies are applied. The girls then built robotic arms and programmed them to preform various tasks. The experience taught them many practical skills and provided greater insight into a career in computer science and robotics.

SEED Makes a Difference in Timor-Leste

Through our SEED program, Schlumberger donated books, laboratory equipment, microscopes, and SEEDKITS to students in Timor-Leste. These donations benefitted 300 students in grades 10-12 by exposing them to STEM topics and improving their learning experience. SEED has been involved with various schools in Timor-Leste since 2015, providing English training and STEM lessons for both students and teachers.

SEED Buoyancy Workshop in England

A SEED workshop was held in East Sussex, England for 25 primary school students.  Schlumberger employees introduced students to a variety of STEM topics and facilitated a set of engaging buoyancy experiments. The event was a fun way for students to learn more about STEM and gain insight into many STEM related career opportunities.

STEM Workshop in Vietnam

A group of Schlumberger employees and Houston-area teachers traveled to Ho Chi Minh City to conduct the first Schlumberger sponsored STEM Workshop in Vietnam. Nearly 100 students were introduced to various STEM topics and engineering careers, and created their own electrical circuits using SEEDKITS. The students were also taught lessons in health, safety, and injury prevention, and discussed ways to make their homes and communities safer. This event allowed these young students to understand the importance of STEM and realize their potential for a career in engineering.

Girl Code Raspberry Pi Workshop

Schlumberger sponsored a five-day Girl Code Raspberry Pi workshop at TXRX Labs in Houston. The workshop introduced 27 Houston area high school girls to Linux based computing, Python programming, Sonic Pi programming, and 3D CAD software. The participants were then able to use the knowledge and skills they developed to create and program a Magic Mirror for their Raspberry Pi Model 3. Additionally, the experience exposed the girls to the concept of a makerspace–a place where they can exchange ideas, develop prototypes, and learn new skills.

Petroleum Workshop in Venezuela

Employees from Schlumberger volunteered for a Petroleum Workshop in La Vega, Venezuela. The workshop was attended by almost 200 preschool children, and included instructional videos, games, models, and maps illustrating oilfield activities in Venezuela. The children also learned the importance of energy, and how conserving energy at home can have a positive impact on the environment.

SEED Water Testing Workshop in Romania

Schlumberger employees held a SEED Water Testing Workshop for a class of elementary school students in Laslău Mic, Romania. After introducing students to a wide variety of STEM topics and career opportunities, the employees used SEEDKITs to facilitate a water testing experiment. The students performed many tests including pH and turbidity tests on water samples they collected from their homes and the local environment. The workshop provided an opportunity for the students to learn about water management, and helped to further their interest in science.

SEED Teaches Russian Students about STEM and the Environment

SEED workshops were held throughout Russia to teach students about STEM, computer science, and robotics. These workshops provided an opportunity for students to learn about various environmental issues. Students brainstormed ways to reduce their impact on the environment and learned the importance of water and environmental management by conducting water quality experiments with SEEDKITs. This helped spark an interest in STEM topics and environmental management for 155 young students. The workshops were held in Tyumen, Strezhevoy, Krasnnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, and Sakhalin Island, Russia.



Tree Planting at the Schlumberger Siberian Training Center

Schlumberger employees and their families planted 70 pine trees and 40 popular trees at the Schlumberger Siberian Training Center in Tyumen, Russia. The families first participated in a seminar to learn about how to plant trees, how to care for them, and the impact that planting trees can have on the local environment. The event was a fantastic way for Schlumberger families to gain a greater understanding of their ecological footprint and have a positive impact on the environment.

Green Hands Operation in France

This year, Schlumberger employees from the Riboud Product Center in Clamart, France started Green Hands–an environmental initiative to clean up green spaces around the Schlumberger campus and surrounding community. More than 20 employees came together to collect nearly 45 pounds of waste from around the campus and surrounding streets, reaffirming Schlumberger’s commitment to be an environmentally responsible company.

Sub-Sahara Africa Celebrates World Environment Day

On June 5th, the Sub-Sahara Africa GeoMarket celebrated World Environment Day. Employees carried out a variety of workshops and activities, including: the identification of environmental hazards; Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle challenges; tree planting events; and seminars that focused on climate change and energy savings. Many of the outdoor activates were designed to coincide with the 2017 World Environment Day’s theme of connecting people to nature.

Environmental Week in Malaysia

Schlumberger’s Penang Product Center in Penang, Malaysia held an Environment Week to raise awareness of environmental issues. Through a series of engaging events, employees, and their families were informed of the steps they can take to reduce their environmental footprint. Additionally, the World Wildlife Fund set up and exhibit to inform employees of current environmental issues within Malaysia.

Achieving Energy Efficiency in Gabon

A Schlumberger IT employee in Gabon successfully initiated an exceptional energy savings program. The employee utilized The Energy Detective System in the facility power panels and generated a comprehensive plan to use AC units more effectively, revamped the facilities power subscriptions, and increased other employees’ awareness of the energy efficiency. Overall, the plan generated an annual reduction of $200,000 from the facilities electricity costs.

Reducing Waste in Libya

The Schlumberger facility outside of Tajoura, Libya found a simple way to significantly reduce the amount of solid waste generated by the facility. After an investigation, it was discovered that 22% of the facility’s waste was from plastic and carton cups. Therefore, the facility decided to purchase each employee a personal mug and discontinue the purchase of disposable cups. This prevented the purchase and disposal of 60,000 disposable cups per year, and therefore reduced the facilities overall operating cost and environmental impact.


Schlumberger Technical Service India Environmental Footprint Reduction Program

Schlumberger Technical Service (STS) India initiated the Hoshin Project to reduce the facilities environmental footprint. Electricity, water, and printer combustibles were identified as the primary resources consumed, and employees developed various cost savings strategies. By switching off LCD monitors after use and more efficiently utilizing facility printers, STS India reduced its environmental footprint, and cut monthly operating costs.

Earth Day

Schlumberger campuses around the world celebrated Earth Day by hosting a variety of events and information sessions. The events included: a bake sale to raise money for campus picnic tables; a tree planting ceremony; and battery and electronics recycling drives. Additionally, employees were given the opportunity to learn more about carpooling, home energy savings, and home waste and recycling options.

Wildlife Rescue Brigade in Ecuador

While working in an environmentally sensitive area in Ecuador, Schlumberger established a Wildlife Rescue Brigade comprised of environmental engineers and local biologists. The Wildlife Rescue Brigade ensured the appropriate handling and transfer of 39 different species, including turtles, snakes, caimans, and birds. Employees or contractors encountering these species are required to notify the Wildlife Rescue Brigade who coordinates with the Ministry of Environment and local wildlife organizations.

Managing Environmental Impact in China

The Schlumberger Production Management team worked with supply chain affiliates and local authorities in a remote part of northwest China to implement a customized environmental protection program. The program focused on waste water management, landslide risk management, and emissions reductions. The customized approach by the Production Management team helped the Company manage evolving environmental regulations while minimizing impact on the environment.

Mission Emission

In 2016, Schlumberger Engineering and Manufacturing launched Mission Emission, a program which sought to achieve a 5% CO2 emissions reduction (per man hour) at 34 work locations. Although the industry environment in 2016 made this target difficult to achieve, 30 of the participating locations reduced overall CO2 emissions, and nine locations reached the 5% reduction target. In total, the program resulted in a 17% reduction of CO2 emissions at the participating locations, which amounted to 27,315 tons of CO2.

Health and Safety


OneSubsea Hosts Family Day in Norway

OneSubsea hosted a Family Day in Horsøy, Norway. The focus on the event was health and safety, and participants were given lessons and training in first aid, fire safety, boat safety, and driving safety. The event provided an engaging way for families to learn about and discuss safe practices and develop a greater understating of how to be safe in the workplace and while on vacation.

HSE for Youth in Canada

Schlumberger employees volunteered their time to hold a HSE for Youth workshop for 34 young adults in Fort McKay, Canada. Employees facilitated informative and engaging lessons on injury prevention and the increasingly important topic of internet safety. The event provided the young participants with best practices that can help keep them safe at home, at school, and during outdoor activities.

Driving Safety in France

Employees at the Roissy Technical Center in Roissy, France took part in a series of driving simulations to better understand the dangers associated with driving. Fifty employees participated in three separate simulations: reaction and breaking distance; the effect of alcohol on vision and coordination; and a rollover simulation. These simulations allowed employees to experience firsthand what it is like to be involved in an accident and instructors provided tips for how to prevent further injury if involved in an accident.

HSE for Youth Workshops in Houston

Schlumberger employees facilitated an HSE for Youth event for 22 children from Schlumberger families. The children played games and took part in activities to learn about personal safety. This event taught the children how to stay alert, think calmly, and act quickly to protect themselves whether they are at home, school, or in the community.

Safety Stand Downs

During 2017, various Schlumberger locations participated in Safety Stand Downs. These events allow senior managers to discuss recent Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) issues directly with frontline workers. Additionally, Safety Stand Downs present an opportunity for managers to discuss the success of HSE programs and set goals and expectations regarding the health and safety of all employees.

HSE for Youth Workshops in India

Employees in India held an HSE for Youth workshop for the children of Schlumberger employees and contractors. Almost 50 children were in attendance and employees facilitated engaging activities and information sessions on injury prevention and personal security. The children learned the importance of personal health and safety, and were enthusiastic about sharing what they learned with their family and friends.

Life Saving Rules Campaign

As part of World Safety Day, Schlumberger initiated a campaign to reaffirm the Life Saving Rules. The Life Saving Rules consist of 18 workplace rules that cover personal safety, process safety, and the proper control of work to mitigate the most common industry hazards. To restate the importance of the Life Saving Rules, frontline managers discussed individual rules at 18 separate pre-job or pre-shift meetings throughout the month of June.

World Safety Day

Schlumberger again took part in World Safety Day by conducting emergency drills and responding to real-world scenarios at various facilities around the world. The scenarios were based on location specific hazards and included occupational injury, chemical spill, unauthorized access, and fire drills and simulations. Employees also engaged in activities to reinforce best safety practices, address common attitudes and behaviors, and brainstorm worst-case scenarios.

Health and Wellness Campaign in Singapore

The Loss Prevention Team at the Pressure Pumping and Chemistry Singapore Center introduced a health and wellness campaign for employees. The campaign included participation in Singapore’s National Corporate Steps Challenge, a surprise stepper and Zumba event, and an information session on the effects of noise and the importance of proper office ergonomics. These events provided fun and interactive ways for employees to stay healthy at work.

Personal Protective Equipment Campaign in Russia and Central Asia

Facilities in Russia and Central Asia initiated a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Campaign to ensure employees were properly equipped. The campaign consisted of: identifying what PPE was required at each location; holding training for proper PPE use; developing plans to stow PPE at proper locations; and ordering replacements. The campaign helped to increase both employee awareness and the readiness of facilities in the region.

Getting Heart Healthy Campaign

In 2017, Schlumberger introduced the Hearth Healthy Campaign to raise awareness of heart attack risk and prevention. Through the campaign, employees were informed of the primary causes of heart attacks, major cardiovascular risks factors, and what to do if confronted with a heart attack. The campaign inspired various Schlumberger facilities to take part in walks, runs, and other promotional events to raise awareness for heart attack prevention and heart health.

HSE for Youth Workshops in Turkmenistan

Schlumberger employees held a series of HSE for Youth workshops for almost 50 children in Ashgabat and Balkanabat, Turkmenistan. Topics of the workshop included road safety, identifying safe water, and proper water conservation. The seven- to twelve-year-old students were introduced to the topics through engaging lessons that were followed by fun games, quizzes, and exercises.

Road Safety Event in Malaysia

Schlumberger employees and contractors from Kemaman, Malaysia organized a Road Safety Event, in conjunction with the Terengganu State Road Safety Department of Malaysia. Three officials from the Road Safety Department presented best practices for staying safe as a motorist, cyclist, and pedestrian. This event furthered the Road Safety Departments mission of inspiring people to “Drive Safe, Ride Safe, Walk Safe” and also supported Schlumberger’s mission of reducing traffic accidents to zero.

HSE for Youth in Algeria

Employees conducted a Road Safety HSE for Youth workshop in Hassi Messaoud, Algeria. Nearly 25 seven- to twelve-year-old children participated in the workshop, which involved many fun and engaging activities. The young participants drew pictures that identified road hazards, conducted egg drops to show the importance of wearing a helmet, and participated in a peripheral vision activity. This workshop helped the children develop a greater understanding of the potential hazards that exist when playing near roads and biking.

HSE for Youth in Mexico

Schlumberger Employees conducted a series of HSE for Youth workshops in Mexico City, Mexico for more than 50 children and teens. The topics of the workshops were personal safety, road safety, and the importance of wearing a helmet. The participants took part in many fun and informative activities, including: risk identification exercises; a driving simulations; and a watermelon drop to show the importance of wearing a helmet.


World Safety Day

On April 28, Schlumberger teams at more than 300 locations around the world took part in World Safety Day by conducting emergency drills and responding to real-world scenarios. The scenarios were based on the hazards present at each location, and included chemical spill, information security breach, occupational injury, unauthorized access, lithium battery explosion, and fire drills and simulations. For each scenario, employees utilized their Health, Safety, and Environment training to identify hazards, assess the situation, execute the proper emergency response plan, and use first-aid techniques.

HSE for Youth Workshops in Saudi Arabia

Schlumberger hosted a series of HSE for Youth workshops for children and pre-teens in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. The workshops covered a variety of topics which included Internet safety, injury prevention, and climate change. Students played interactive games, watched videos, and discussed the importance of being safe while engaged in outdoor activities and ways in which they can be safe on the Internet. Additionally, students learned about risks associated with climate change and how to care for their local environment, and planted an HSE for Youth Plant in the Reemah compound garden.

HSE for Youth Road Safety Workshop in Russia

Schlumberger employees conducted an HSE for Youth workshop for 26 first-grade students in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The volunteers played games with the students and discussed the importance of being safe while traveling in a vehicle or cycling near roads. These lessons will help the young children quickly identify road hazards and stay safe during travel and outdoor activities.

Driving to ZERO Campaign

In 2016, Schlumberger launched the Driving to ZERO campaign in North America. The goal of the campaign was to maintain focus on zero-tolerance driving by reinforcing safe driving practices, such as: wearing seatbelts; refraining from the use mobile devices; avoiding the use of alcohol or drugs; and logging trips properly. While 2016 driving performance in North America improved significantly over the previous year, Schlumberger continues to strive for zero driving accidents.

Employment and Human Capital


Engage in Leadership Symposium in Texas

Schlumberger held its inaugural Engage in Leadership Symposium in Katy, Texas. The event gave over 120 employees from the greater Houston area an opportunity to develop their leadership skills. Through various presentations and panel discussions, top Schlumberger leaders discussed their personal leadership experiences and provided best practices. Additionally, participants had the chance to take part in a networking session after receiving expert networking advice from two University of Houston business professors.

Working Towards Gender Parity in Russia

The Drilling Engineering Center (DEC) in Russia has dramatically increased gender diversity among engineers over the past five years. In 2013, female engineers made up merely 10% of engineers in the DEC, but in 2017 that number reached 40%. While also embracing Schlumberger’s transformation goals of increasing efficiency, DEC revamped hiring and recruiting strategies to establish more diverse, and therefore efficient, teams. This progress is an example of Schlumberger’s commitment to providing women with opportunities in STEM, and achieving a 25% female workforce by 2020.

International Women’s Day Celebration in Kuwait

On March 8, employees in the Connect Women Kuwait Chapter celebrated International Women’s Day. The Chapter embraced the 2017 theme, Be Bold for Change, by participating in outdoor activities and holding competitions to challenge gender stereotypes. More than 60 participants gained inspirational advice from two keynote speakers and took time to network and share stories of their success and the challenges they have faced.

Team Building Event in Cameroon

Employees in Cameroon held a team building event in Douala, Cameroon to celebrate both World Safety Day and Labor Day in Cameroon. The event was attended by over 300 employees and family members, and consisted of many family-friendly events that focused on health, safety, and fun. Activities included: HSE for Youth workshops, health and wellness sessions for spouses, fun activities for children, and an introduction to Schlumberger for family members.

International Lunch in the Netherlands

For the second year, the Schlumberger office in The Hague held an International Lunch. This fun event gave employees an opportunity to showcase their culinary skills by cooking traditional dishes from their home country, and gave other employees the chance to try something new. Employees from 18 separate countries prepared 30 homemade dishes for their colleagues, certifying the International Lunch a new annual tradition in The Hague.

Military Open House and Hiring Event

Schlumberger held a Military Open House and Hiring Event in Midland, Texas. The event introduced veterans and transitioning service members to the many career opportunities available at Schlumberger. Attendees were given a tour of the facilities and provided with an opportunity to interview for various positions. On-the-spot offers were extended to 10 of the attendees, and 4 other attendees were invited to interview for advanced Field Specialist roles.

Veterans Invited to Offshore Technology Conference

To give veterans an opportunity to learn about the oil and gas industry, Schlumberger invited a group of veterans to the Offshore Technology Conference. After an industry introduction at Schlumberger’s Houston headquarters, the attendees traveled to the conference where employees volunteered to help them explain the various technologies presented. The veterans were also encouraged to visit the many other company exhibits at the conference to network and learn about available career opportunities in the oil and gas industry.

Women’s Leadership Day in Saudi Arabia

Schlumberger held the first Women’s Leadership Day in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The event was held in conjunction with the Schlumberger’s 75th year of doing business in Saudi Arabia and welcomed over 100 employees, engineers, professors, young professionals, and students. Participants engaged in workshops and listened to speaker and panelist discuss important topics, such as: the challenges faced by women in the oil and gas industry; the importance of gender balance; and how to bridge the gap between academia and the oil and gas industry.

Employees Celebrate International Women’s Day in Canada

On March 8, over 100 Schlumberger employees came together to celebrate International Women’s Day in Calgary, Canada. The event featured senior female employees as keynote speakers and panelists and focused on the achievements of female employees, the challenges women continue to face in the workplace, and the benefits of gender parity. Additionally, the event also presented the progress Schlumberger has made towards its commitment to achieving a 25% female workforce by 2020. 

Completions Employees Sign Service Delivery Pledge

Schlumberger employees in the Completions Segment signed a service delivery pledge, reinforcing their commitment to achieving a 90% reduction in nonproductive time by 2020. Last year, the segment reduced their nonproductive time rate by 56% and have reduced their nonproductive time rate by a total of 80% since 2011. Signing the pledge shows the groups commitment to the adoption of new working processes and procedure being deployed through Schlumberger’s transformation program.


Schlumberger Global Stewardship Webinars

Through a series of webinars, Schlumberger Global Stewardship provides employees the chance to learn about the impact that environmental and social initiatives can have on the Company, customers, and communities. These webinars act as a great resource for employees, and can help them become more engaged with environmental and social causes.

A Day in the Life Events Help Inspire Junior Female Employees

Various Schlumberger training centers took part in A Day in the Life events to allow junior female employees to listen and learn from the experiences of accomplished senior female managers. A panel shared stories of their career success and the challenges they faced, creating an open dialogue and inspiring attendees. These events assisted in the development of junior female employees, which is essential for meeting Schlumberger’s target of having women comprise 25% of its workforce by 2020.

Connect Women Challenge

Schlumberger employees took part in the quarterly Connect Women Challenge, which allows employees to post insights on the Company’s internal bulletin board to foster a sense of community. The topics included: How I Balance Work and Life; Why I love My Career; What Keeps Me Motivated; and My Tips on Time Management. Winners of the challenge were selected by the number of times their post is shared or liked.

Engage to Excel Employee Survey

In 2016, Schlumberger administered a new engagement survey, titled Engage to Excel. The survey provided employees with an opportunity to suggest ways to accelerate the Schlumberger transformation, improve their work environment, and give back to their local communities. More than 93,000 employees in 100 countries responded to the 18-question survey, which helped Schlumberger identify both strengths and areas in need of improvement.

Connect Women Webinars

Connect Women provided Schlumberger employees with a chance to gain insight into career planning, work-life balance, and gender equality through a variety of webinars, including the series 7 Habits of Highly Successful Schlumberger People. Overall, these webinars were attended by over 5,000 employees and were downloaded more than 40,000 times. The webinars acted as a fantastic resource to the quickly growing Connect Women community.

Community Outreach


Jean-François Poupeau Addresses UBS Global Oil & Gas Conference

Schlumberger Executive Vice President of Corporate Engagement Jean-François Poupeau spoke at the UBS Global Oil & Gas Conference, highlighting Schlumberger’s commitment to stakeholders. Poupeau emphasized how Schlumberger’s core values of people, technology, and profit guide the Company’s approach to the environment, community engagement, and corporate governance and ethics. He went on to discuss future initiatives that will allow the Company to achieve its environmental, social, and governance objectives.

Schlumberger Joins IPIECA

In 2017, Schlumberger became the first company to join the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) as an Associate Member. IPIECA is an international oil and gas association that promotes best practices in environmental and social issues, and is the industry’s principle channel of communication with the United Nations. Associate Membership is open to companies providing services in connection with exploration, production, treatment, storage, or transportation.

Schlumberger Sponsors WACH Trip to Colombia

Schlumberger sponsored six Houston area teaches for a World Affairs Council of Greater Houston (WACH) trip to Colombia. The WACH’s mission is to promote understanding of the world–its people, politics, economies, and cultures–to enable the Houston community to participate more effectively in the global world. This week-long excursion provided the teachers with valuable insight into the cultural and political environment of Colombia, which they can integrate into future lesson plans.

Schlumberger Hosts First National Indigenous Peoples of Canada Celebration

On June 21, Schlumberger Canada hosted its first National Indigenous Peoples of Canada celebration. The celebration was attended by dozens of Schlumberger employees and featured three keynote speakers from indigenous communities and support organizations. The event provided an opportunity for employees to learn more about the indigenous people of Canada, and the relationship between indigenous people and the energy industry.

Energy Day 2017

Schlumberger sponsored and took part in Energy Day 2017 in Denver, Colorado and Houston, Texas. Energy Day is a free family festival showcasing numerous exhibits that teach students and their families about various forms of energy, and concentrates on energy efficiency and conservation. The mission of Energy Day is to bridge the gap between education, career adoption, and the STEM and energy industries through a fun and interactive exhibits and activities.

Hurricane Harvey Relief

In late August of 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated the State of Texas. The catastrophic winds and flooding damaged or destroyed nearly 200,000 homes, leaving many individuals and families stranded and without food or shelter. In response, Schlumberger facilities were opened as temporary shelters and donation centers and hundreds of employees came together to provide shelter, food, and supplies for neighbors and fellow employees. After the storm subsided, employees quickly began assisting their fellow citizens in cleanup efforts with money raised for the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund through employee donations, employee fundraisers, and company matching.

Junior Achievement

In 2017, Schlumberger continued its support for Junior Achievement, helping to fulfill the mission of inspiring and preparing young people to succeed by providing the knowledge and skills they need to make smart academic and economic choices. In total, 68 Schlumberger employees taught 1,046 classes and had a positive impact on 25,124 students in the greater Houston area. Schlumberger supported various Junior Achievement programs, including BizTown, Finance Park, and Inspire, and helped Junior Achievement raise over $1.3million through fundraising during the 2016-2017 program year.

Society of Women Engineers Conference in India

Schlumberger sponsored the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Conference in Pune, India. SWE works to inspire women to achieve their full potential as engineers and leaders, and transform the image of the engineering profession. Three female Schlumberger employees spoke at the event and provided engaging presentations on management, the oil and gas industry, and maintaining a proper work-life balance. Schlumberger also set up a booth to provide the more than 600 participants an opportunity to network with employees and learn more about the Company.

Blood Drive in Oman

Schlumberger employees held a community blood drive at the Schlumberger facility in Nizwa, Oman. The event was promoted at a safety meeting, and employees were informed of the importance of donating blood and encouraged to attend. Participants were first given a routine check-up to ensure they could safely provide blood. This event has set the groundwork for future blood drives in Nizwa.

Schlumberger Recognized as Socially Responsible Company by Mexican Center of Philanthropy

For the 9th consecutive year, Schlumberger has been recognized by the Mexican Center of Philanthropy as a Socially Responsible Company. The reward was received in recognition of Schlumberger’s charitable work in Mexico through programs such as SEED and HSE for Youth, and is a reflection of the Company’s commitment to having a positive impact in the communities where we work and live.


Junior Achievement Schlumberger-in-a-Day

Schlumberger employees volunteered for an all-day Junior Achievement event at a Houston-area elementary school. Twenty-seven Schlumberger volunteers taught kindergarten through fifth-grade students and provided guidance on several topics, including: similarities and differences in families; categorization of needs and wants; descriptions of jobs that people do; and the identification of goods and services provided by local businesses. This event helped Junior Achievement realize its goal of providing work-readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy skills to young children.

Sacred Site Quest to Ecuador

Schlumberger sponsored 18 Houston-area students for a 2016 Sacred Site Quest to Ecuador. The students visited a national college where they observed various robotics experiments and worked alongside Ecuadorian students during a STEM workshop. This trip provided students with an opportunity to further their interest in STEM topics, practice their foreign language skills, and develop cross-cultural relationships.

Volunteer Month

Schlumberger declared December as Volunteer Month and encouraged employees to share their volunteer stories on the Company’s internal bulletin board, with the goals of engendering a greater sense of community and motivating others to volunteer. Employees posted many fantastic and inspiring stories, including: volunteering with Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston; donating pillows in Ecuador; providing food for the disadvantaged in Nigeria; volunteering with hospice in the Netherlands; facilitating animal shelter adoptions in Houston; and providing Christmas presents for children in Russia.

Serve to Succeed Social Impact Challenge

Schlumberger sponsored the Serve to Succeed (S2S) Social Impact Challenge, which provides Society of Women Engineers (SWE) members an opportunity to raise money for their sections while giving back to their local communities. The competition was facilitated by the Schlumberger North American recruiting team. The SWE sections from 13 universities participated by submitting videos and photos of their volunteer events. In total, 630 volunteers participated in 145 community service events, helping to achieve the competition goal of turning ideas into a positive, real-world impact.

SEED Art Contest

The theme of the 2016 SEED Art Contest, Art as Science, gave students an opportunity to express themselves by artistically conveying scientific concepts. SEED received 70 art submissions from around the world, including: Angola, Azerbaijan, Ghana, India, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Russia, and the United States. Of the finalists, 18 submissions were in the new category of digital design which students created artwork using Scratch, a program designed by MIT that allows children to learn about coding and other computer skills while creating art.

Ecuador Disaster Relief Fund

On April 16, 2016, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Ecuador. Hundreds of people lost their lives and tens of thousands were left homeless or displaced. In response to this tragic event, Schlumberger set up a relief fund to help provide food, water, and power to affected communities. The Company matched every dollar donated by employees for a total of $284,000. Additionally, Schlumberger arranged for two helicopters to assist in the relief efforts, and local employees helped deliver food, supplies, water, and medicine, and participated in the construction of two potable water wells.

Junior Achievement President’s Bronze Volunteer Service Award

Schlumberger received the President’s Bronze Volunteer Service Award for providing over 5,000 volunteer hours to support Junior Achievement programs in the United States during the 2015-2016 program year. Junior Achievement’s mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy by providing the knowledge and skills they need to own their economic success, plan for their futures, and make smart academic and economic choices. Schlumberger has been an active contributor to Junior Achievement’s mission for the past 20 years.

Women’s Global Leadership Conference in Energy

Schlumberger sponsored the Women’s Global Leadership Conference in Energy, which was attended by more than 600 participants. The theme of the conference, Changing the Landscape of Leadership in the Energy Industry, complemented Schlumberger’s focus on gender diversity and its commitment to having women comprise 25% of its workforce by 2020. Many Schlumberger employees spoke, took part in panel discussions, and served on the conference advisory board.

Veterans Workshops

Schlumberger held its first Industry Day for veterans in 2016. Veterans attended information sessions and toured Schlumberger facilities, which helped introduce them to potential careers in the oil and gas industry. Additionally, Schlumberger partnered with various veteran and industry organizations to participate in four workshops focused on helping veterans transition from military to civilian careers. These workshops provided assistance with resume writing, interview preparation, and social media presence, and were attended by more than 50 veterans.


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