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SEES | Methane Digital Platform

Manage your emissions data in one open, secure digital environment

Collaborate digitally to reduce your emissions and your cost

SLB End-to-End Emissions Solutions (SEES) are strengthened by the industry’s first methane digital platform accessible in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment. So you can work in an open, secure ecosystem to achieve your emissions objectives in the way that works best for your asset, your organization, and your business economics.

Bring everything together seamlessly

The open, secure SEES | Methane Digital Platform doesn’t replace your existing systems. Instead, it supports and integrates with both SEES and third-party measurement devices to foster rapid experimentation and ensure auditability and confidence in your data. The platform makes it easier to

  • integrate data from multiple and disparate sources in a coordinated, traceable way
  • make the data available for existing workflows, and
  • create and deploy new, improved workflows.

With all your methane and flaring data in one dedicated place, you can gain new and better insights to manage and reduce your emissions quicker and keep up the progress. Our modular approach continually improves the methodology behind reconciling data from multiple sources. And, we can enable further improvement because we know the strengths and weaknesses of all the measurement technologies.

What you can do in the platform

Our methane digital platform helps you manage independent measurements all in one platform and informs actions in your methane reduction journey.

Integrate multimeasurement methane management
Detect, quantify, localize, and attribute methane sources by integrating ground, aerial, satellite, and drone measurements in one platform.
Manage emission inventory
Track emission inventory life cycle and transform data into actions through integration with existing maintenance and repair, reporting, and other systems.
Analyze root cause
Drive root cause analysis and prevent future emissions by integrating SCADA data from operations.
Get live notification
Subscribe to change notification by email or in-app for orders and emission detection.
Manage reduction targets
Add reduction targets from baseline and track progress vs plan based on regulatory frameworks or certification targets.
Track flare performance
Understand and track flare performance through measurements and simulation.
Perfect your inspection program
Find the best inspection technology and program fit for your assets based on detection coverage.
Comply with OGMP L5
Achieve Oil and Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP) Level 5 by consolidating emission accounting with reconciled measurements.
Prioritize your actions
Identify areas and sources that require immediate attention based on existing baseline and measurements.

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