Faculty for the Future

Date: 03/03/2011

Forum brings together fellowship recipients in Abu Dhabi

Launched in 2004, the Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future program has a long-term goal of generating conditions that result in more women pursuing doctorate and post-doctorate studies in scientific disciplines. The program also has an extended mission to encourage community building through forums, both online and in person.

The 2010 forum

In December 2010, 25 fellowship recipients came together at an international Faculty for the Future Forum in Abu Dhabi. These women represented 11 emerging countries, such as Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. They participated in workshops to share their research focus, methods, and goals. They also attended skill-building and working group sessions on topics such as careers, work/life balance, mentoring, networking, and community building.

Informal gatherings

Smaller, informal gatherings are also held to provide an opportunity for fellowship recipients to meet in their host academic country. In June 2010, nine women from seven countries gathered in the United States at Schlumberger-Doll Research (SDR) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where they made research presentations, visited the SDR laboratories, and met with staff and scientists there.

In July 2010, 10 Faculty for the Future fellows participated in a series of focus groups and workshops at the Schlumberger Cambridge Research Center (SCR) in the United Kingdom.

The Schlumberger Foundation is a nonprofit entity that supports science and technology education.  Recognizing the link between science, technology, and socio-economic development, as well as the key role of education in realizing individual potential, the Schlumberger Foundation’s flagship program is Faculty for the Future. Now in its seventh year, Faculty for the Future has grown to a community of 142 women from 43 countries.

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